White shark took a fancy to the Mediterranean sea

The white shark. or Carcharodon carcharias is the largest dangerous predator of modern sharks. Reaching sizes up to 6 meters in length and weights 2 tons, this bloodthirsty salahiya leaves no chance to rescue anyone.

Carcharodon prefers coastal waters of the continental shelf, where a higher temperature. However, for some populations the waters of the Mediterranean sea is a place of their periodic stay.

It would seem that this sea is considered one of the safest. Should I be afraid of white sharks in the Mediterranean and behave as predators in these warm waters? Let’s face it.

Watch the video “the largest and Most predatory fish – great white shark-killer”:

Is it possible to catch white sharks at popular resorts?

The Mediterranean sea connects with the Atlantic ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar. And in the waters, according to recent reports, the number of “indigenous” populations of white sharks has decreased threefold. Unregulated illegal fishing of carcharodon, as a source of delicious food – the fins, the fat, the liver – led to the fact that white sharks in the Mediterranean are on the verge of extinction.

This can lead to katastroficheskie in all the aquatic systems, because this species plays a significant role in the regulation of the number of inhabitants of the local fauna.

However, nature has taken care of its formidable watch the balance in the ecosystem. Right now, the cases of migration of man-eating sharks from the Atlantic ocean – albeit slowly, but they restore their numbers.

Should we fear a meeting with a white shark in the Mediterranean? It turns out that man is not the most desirable prey of carcharodon. Our body too sinewy and bony, so instead of homo sapiens white sharks prefer fatty tuna.

Over the last 10 years there were 7 cases of attack of bloodthirsty white killers directly in the Mediterranean sea, and 2 of them were fatal. However, it is worth noting that almost all of these attacks were provoked by people.

Most often the victims of white sharks are underwater hunters and divers. dared to approach the beast too close.

Interestingly, in the Mediterranean sea registered the so-called “shark phenomenon” – if a white shark attacked the man, she is not “gutting” it, Cho is typical for the species, and, trying to taste and realizing that this is not acceptable food, released the victim and left.

Perhaps, like the behavior of Mediterranean white sharks is due to the peculiarities of ecology of the local waters, or the reason lies in the food richness of the local waters in the Mediterranean found a large number of fish, including 45 species of sharks, all of them potential victims of the white shark.

According to the latest data, from 2013, in the Mediterranean sea there are more frequent meetings of the great white sharks with the man. So, in 2014, white sharks were spotted in the coastal waters of Greece, Italy and Cyprus.

And in the summer in the media passed information about the appearance of dangerous sharks near popular beaches in Turkey. However, the authorities refuse to acknowledge this information, not to harm the tourism industry of their country.

Watch the video “Great white shark off the coast of Greece”:

Watch the video “White sharks in Spain”:

Attacks of white sharks in the Mediterranean sea

It was the last 3 years have been more clashes white shark with a man in Mediterranean waters. Usually these pretentious sharks do not swim up close to the coasts, preferring cleaner water, but now more and more beaches were closed due to the occurrence of white sharks.

So, at various times, were evacuated holidaymakers beaches of the azure, the Levantine coast, resorts in Spain, Turkey and Montenegro. This was due to the fact that white sharks dangerous shark swam to the shore closer than 100 meters.

Fears of great white in the Mediterranean and stimulated a large number of films about sharks-killers. as well as periodic cases of attacks on people. So, in due time, the world is spared the shocking news about the death of carcharodon teeth from the cult Italian Director that occurred off the coast of Cyprus.

The man at the time of sport fishing. which is now gaining immense popularity, trying to catch large carnivorous shark for the bait, fell from the ship into the sea, where he was broken in half by the huge jaws of the “white death”.

Also, it should be noted that the widespread activation of white sharks throughout the World’s oceans in 2015, will be the cause of the increase in the number of unprovoked attacks on humans by white sharks in the Mediterranean sea.

So, the most discussed example of such aggressive behavior of white sharks is Australia, where attacks by predators in late 2014 – early 2015, is becoming a disaster – man-eating sharks occasionally terrorizing the popular Australian beaches, creating serious problems not only for leisure but also to local authorities.

Man-eating sharks are attacking the coast of Australia:

Man takes revenge on a bloody hunt for white sharks

The Mediterranean sea is not an active area of fisheries. The fishing activity is deployed here not as large as in other global areas. However, this does not save the white shark from poaching.

White-bellied predators killing for expensive fins and teeth. Fins is a delicacy meat. and sharks are often caught, only to brutally cut off the fins and throw back into the sea.

Extracted from the fins in the coastal restaurants are preparing soup, one portion of which reaches the value of 100 dollars. Separate the head – the teeth and jaw. The jaw of carcharodon the Italian coast collectors pay $ 1,000.

White shark – Lord of sea water. The Mediterranean, as it turned out, not the most popular habitats for the populations of carcharodon. However, these water-mastered white-bellied beauties. Calm and meleagridinae, white sharks of the Mediterranean sea than their counterparts. Maintaining the ecological balance, these ancient predators were added all the aquatic systems, and for many years will patrol local waters.

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