What you need to know the tourists on the beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most popular resorts in Egypt located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The main reason alluring in this place tourists from all over the world – Red sea, blue water is amazingly clear and year-round warmth. And it was on the beaches in Sharm El-Sheikh tourists spend most of their holiday. There are a few simple rules that will allow You to fully enjoy a meeting with the inhabitants of the red sea without any threat to the health and memories.

However, due to the fact that the land on which there is this Egyptian resort. it is considered a Holy, the rest of our compatriots there may be some misunderstandings with the Egyptian authorities. You may also experience problems with their health. Because the Red sea in Sharm El Sheikh is literally stuffed with a variety of corals, exotic fish and jellyfish, not all of which are safe for humans.

Let’s more in detail consider these moments for every visitor armed with knowledge and was ready to do rash actions. In the end, your vacation should not be marred and nothing should bring you only positive emotions.

First,what I would like to warn: the collection and export of corals or shells, even found on the Bank, is prohibited by Egyptian law. The penalty for this is not small – up to $ 1000. Also you will not be able to leave Egypt until the investigation is over, and you have a passport stamped, prohibiting you here more to go. Better buy the same sea food in the appropriate store. In the end it will be cheaper.

The second important rule – no one in the water and not to touch anything. The authorities of Egypt for the preservation of flora and fauna of the red sea is forbidden to use gloves when bathing, and diving. So if you are not confident in the security of the object of your interest – please refrain from “accidental” touches to it. Even if it seems so beautiful, sweet and harmless.

The following are the most likely and dangerous marine life of the red sea near Sharm El-Sheikh, which it is desirable to know and to avoid close contact with them.

Spiny starfish “crown of thorns” – rare, but still occurs in the Red sea. The prick of needles leads to a sharp throbbing pain and swelling does not subside for about ten days.

Next trouble that lurks in the sea – jellyfish. They burn as soon as you touch bottom before their tentacles or fit under the bell. If you see a purple jellyfish floating on the surface of a sphere-a bubble, you know – it’s Visalia. Dangerous poison, similar in action with Viper venom: comes shortness of breath and heart palpitations. But single burns this jellyfish is not fatal.

Burn jellyfish is felt as an intense burning, then there is a slight swelling at the site of contact, accompanied by pain in the muscles. Bright redness subsides a week.

Another colorful attraction of the red sea, which come here every year huge number of tourists – corals. The result of close contact – similar to eczema the tumor, which may be noticeable in two months. Especially dangerous yellow corals-beautiful. They are called burning.

Danger in the Red sea are fraught with even shell. The most dangerous of them – the cone. If the shell inadvertently grab, there will be a shot a poisonous spike protruding from the muscle. The consequences are not just unpleasant, but dangerous to life: paralysis, choking, severe pain, loss of consciousness, and even death.

The most dangerous coral fish – triggerfish, surgeon fish, lionfish, and stonefish. Watch your step to avoid stepping on a stonefish and a spectacular fan do not touch the fins of the lionfish: these are hidden poisonous spines. Of course no need to tease the Moray, but fear that threaten their views of silvery Barracuda is not worth it. Also have nothing to fear swarms of Gar and performance. These are friendly disposition and at low concentration does not threaten.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years have been documented cases of shark attacks near the coast in Sharm El Sheikh. Some ended with the death of the tourists. However, this behavior of sharks in this region is rather an exception and, in all probability, result from the activities of industrial fishing vessels and cruising about off the coast. The Egyptian authorities seriously consider this matter, to prevent further repetitions of tragedies.

Here, perhaps, and all the dangers waiting for tourists on the beaches in Sharm El Sheikh. The main thing is to correctly choose a tour to Egypt. the beauty of the red sea can turn the head of even the most prudent and reasonable people!

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