To settle on the aquarium

It should be remembered that on the proper selection of fish depend for their future livelihoods and development. In aquariums, the pet shop exotic fish swim. Here and bright blue or crimson cocks, large Crescent angelfish, handsome shiny neons, minors, goldfish and their varieties: veiltail, telescopes and many other showy fish. The combination of various shapes, a range of colors — all this is striking in its beauty and impressive picture. And quite understandable is the desire to acquire the most vibrant and spectacular fish. Fish are living beings with their own habits, needs, tastes, temper, which you should know and consider. For example, goldfish. It is unpretentious, not afraid of temperature fluctuations and not choosy with food. But the mahseer of sumatranus, Vice versa, capricious, effeminate and therefore requires a relentless worries.

Or take game fish. She is very afraid of cold, significant reduction of water temperature may be detrimental. Of course, for all tastes will please. However, choosing fish for the aquarium, it is necessary to consider their features. It is recommended to adhere to the following mandatory conditions of settlement of the aquarium. If its volume is small (about 10 litres), more than three fish in it to contain impossible, as the norm is three liters of water per fish length of five or six cm But will grow more.

Than rupnieciba, the more living space it needs. Therefore, we recommend to buy (or produce) the aquarium at least 30-40 litres of water, which will contain 10-15 fish. To give the fish in the aquarium must also thoughtfully. Combine the fish can only be equal in size, behavior and environmental conditions. Cold-water fish cannot be placed together with warm-water, predatory peace and the Oversight etc. when moving may cause the death of fish. The closer and better will be produced by the selection of fish is, the more harmonious and beautiful the aquarium. To colonize only young and healthy individuals. Before putting the fish in the aquarium, it is necessary to carefully examine each of them: is she healthy, not damaged her body, transparent and smooth fins, whether her whitish knobby places and raids.

For fish water in the aquarium should be of the order of plus 20 to 28° C. Cold-water fishes mainly inhabit the local waters and require spacious aquariums with artificial aeration. To populate the aquarium should strictly according to plan. To create a proper “fish company” in the aquarium is important. In no event it is impossible to settle large fish with small ones. This neighborhood ends with the fact that the big fish score their little neighbors. At first, we recommend you populate the aquarium viviparous fishes. They are interesting because they may soon give offspring. Worries will appear not much, but it could be fun watching them grow, the habits and life of these fish. Viviparous, fish — warm-water. They are unpretentious and do not require special care. These include guppies, swordtails platys, Formosa, and many others.

New aquarium with good water, soil and fresh vegetation is not ideal for fish life. Some fish species will not easily acclimate. It will be a while until the mutual life of plants, micro-organisms and the fish themselves change the environment so that *the aquarium will be good and Moody, finicky fish. Without biological equilibrium, i.e., stable regime, which is characterized by the so-called “old” water, the fish will languish. So first be limited to undemanding fish. Moreover, the first offspring from them will surely make you want to get a second aquarium for kids. After some time, you will be taken for the cultivation ikromechuschie fish, bringing them in a separate tank. Take a beautiful mottled and striped Danio fish and all varieties. You can observe them for hours. No less interesting labyrinth fish: the I dwarf gourami thick-lipped gourami, gourami and fighters, males and many other ikromechuschie fish which make for a pleasure. The males have an interesting feature: while in the pack a little males, they live peacefully together. But you should get extra “man”, how to start a real tournament fights. End they defeat the weaker —plucked magnificent fins, faded glitter flakes. However, the bullies-males are not afraid of the pain of wounds or defeat. At every opportunity they again throw themselves at opponents. And chromis bultó? This amazing fish is carrying eggs in the mouth for several days. The stickleback builds like a craftsman, the socket of the original form. A lot of amazing, interesting things you can learn by watching fish in your aquarium. While his arrival should take into account that some fish are schooling. Such fish alone bored, ill eat. Therefore, it is necessary to settle their flock. Let’s give another tip. When checking aquarium goldfish (which many are addicted to) it should be borne in mind that the aquarium for them must be much larger than normal and definitely equipped with artificial aeration.

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