The wintering of carp

In recent years, the breeding of decorative fish species, such as koi fish, is a favorite pastime of lovers of the exotic. Besides, it’s still a pretty profitable business. Those Japanese with fancy coloration fishes are of great interest not only to aesthetes. Garden ponds with such inhabitants become the perfect decoration for any suburban area. The owners of artificial lakes should take into account the fact that koi carp is quite cold and prefers clean, flowing water with high oxygen content. This environment will provide the exotic fish comfortable habitat conditions.

For successful breeding and keeping koi it is important to know that water is the most important factor in this wonderful lesson. First, the reservoir must be equipped with reliable high-performance filtration system, which will provide a continuous flow of clean running water.

Secondly, it is extremely important to ensure you receive enough oxygen, which is pumped by a compressor or by passing water through artificially arranged waterfall or cascade waterfalls. Thirdly, regular cleansing of the bottom of the reservoir to keep the water clean and clear, quite suitable for fish health.

The optimum water temperature for koi is 8-28°C. With its decrease koi spuskaetsya the bottom of the reservoir. And if the water temperature continues to fall, this can lead to fish kills. That’s why in autumn it is necessary to take care of the wintering of their Pets. A special attention should be paid to the nutrition of carp. For the safe transfer of cold weather, the fish should be given food, having in its composition a high percentage of protein and fat.

This will enable to gain weight fast and safely survive the winter. In addition, regular observations of koi will give the opportunity to identify fish infected with parasites, which are harder to endure the winter. There are diseases of fish, which are activated in the cold season. Therefore, it is useful to think about prevention of these diseases.

Now about the winter. Koi can winter in open water with the obligatory water heating and priderzhivatsya surround in home aquariums. Even during the construction of an artificial reservoir it is necessary to equip wintering pit, depth 2.5 m. During winter, you should consider the fact that the pond should be ice-free hole, through which a constant air exchange. For this purpose there are special devices, lifting warmer water layers at the surface, which prevents freezing.

If wintering koi involves overexposure to the aquarium is indoors, it is best to use a roomy aquarium acrylic glass. Keep in mind that one fish long 10 cm 10 l of water. The aquarium should be equipped with a device to circulate water and saturating it with oxygen. The temperature in the aquarium should not be below 10 º C.

The next important point is the transplantation of koi fish from open water in the aquarium. It is always a stress for the immune system of our Pets. Therefore it is necessary to treat this process of understanding. Seize the koi fish is usually in October when it’s still not very cold. We can not allow a sudden drop of water temperature. Trapping and transplanting it is advisable to produce a special net and gloves. Touching the fish with bare hands leads to unwanted stress. Winter fish almost do not eat, their body weakens, they become inactive.

Breed history of koi goes back centuries and has more than two thousand years. But even then, it was noticed that these fish adapt well to life in captivity. Quickly remembering his master, they will gladly accept feeding from the hands. Rich and multi-faceted Japanese culture. A special place in it occupied by the characters. Carp is the embodiment of prosperity, power and wisdom. It sounds and one of the names of martial arts “Carp swimming up the waterfall”.

Observation of carp, playfully splashing in the water, the Japanese have turned into a ritual of contemplation, which is very close to meditation. The average age of a koi is 30 years. But even among them there are long-lived, with more than a century of experience of life. For example, purple koi Hanako survived several owners, and its age is 226 years. Speaks volumes for one of the scales of the fish. By the way, the scales can accurately determine how many of the individual years.

Breeding koi is a truly exciting experience. And the contemplation of their floating home in the pond, showing grace and flexibility that will delight not only the kids but also for adults. Their trust is an invaluable reward for careful attitude to him, proper care and creating a comfortable environment.

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