The reservoirs (ponds) with fish

1. What type of water body (pond) is better? Are a lot of options, from wooden or plastic reservoirs with plastic lining and finishing of concrete reservoirs with a tiled surface. Some owners of water bodies use dirt, they put it on the bottom of a wooden or concrete ponds to make the pond more organic. In terms of the reservoirs also differ greatly from each other, the volume ranges from 10 liters to several thousand.

The reservoirs (ponds) with fish

Let’s assume you have a plastic reservoir with capacity 200 to 250 litres or say, wooden with a plastic strip.

2. How to run the pond? Probably the pond was sold with the manual. Please read it carefully and follow all instructions. Perhaps you will read that you must add water conditioner to get rid of the chemicals that are added to tap water. Be patient. Fill the reservoir with running water, add the conditioner and wait at least three days prior to plant fish there.

At the same time you need floating food for goldfish, for example “TetraFin” fish food for small fish and “Tetra Pond Floating Food Sticks” for large. Owning a net (20 cm diameter) with a handle long enough that dottydo any point of the reservoir.

3. Choosing the right place. You can put the reservoir wherever you want, however, you should avoid places where a lot of leaf litter and organic fragments. As an alternative – you can close your pond from falling leaves through the screen.

Ponds require a lot of water, and therefore it is advisable to place the pond in the yard so that the plants were not far and will be using a pump to water the plants the old water out of the pond.

4. Fish for ponds and ponds. The veiltail and oranda, comets, koi and koi veiltail. The veiltail less aggressive than koi and comets. If you prefer a veiltail, not keep them together with comets and koi. You can contain together with comets and koi, but many aquarists give them up, due to the high value of their koi, in comparison with comets.

5. How to change the water in the water bodies (ponds)? Substitute about 20% water twice a week. Remove old water from your pond and replace it with a new one. Most likely, you don’t have to add water conditioner if you change 20% of water or less. However, the substitution of more than 20% of water may be risky even if you add conditioner.

How to find how much 20% of the volume of your pond? For example, if a reservoir is vertical (or nearly vertical) consequently, 20% of water will be equal to 20% of the depth of the reservoir. Measure the depth of the reservoir, for example, 32 see Therefore 20% of 32 is 0.20 cm x 32 cm = 6.5 cm Thus, it is necessary to merge 6.5 cm of pond water twice a week.

If your pond is set below ground level, it will need a pump to pump out excess water. Funnel at the pump should be equipped with a special screen, so it does not suck in the fish. After you have changed 20% of water, fill the pond with running water.

6. How to clean the water . You need to purchase a 20 cm landing net with a handle so long that you could get to any area of your pond. Using a net to remove debris and leaves from the surface of the pond and from the bottom.

Part of the natural cycle in your pond will dissolve in water organic waste, which further saves you when water change. Thus, the substitution of water – one of the most important steps in cleaning the pond. Substitute 20% of pond water twice a week.

7. How to feed fish in a pond? Special feed floating foods, which are suitable for pond fish. A sinking feed can be a problem. Start her on 3 small pinches of food, as the fish will eat – you can add a little more.

Continue to slowly feed the pinches and watch the fish. Avoid food residues in the water, if the food is not eaten within 10 minutes, it should be removed using a net.

If you have any problems with the pond, then do not react too quickly and do not rush to change everything. This is a sure way to turn a small problem into a large. So even if the fish does not look good, or behaves strangely, or even a couple of died – to ditch the whole pond is not the way. Just begin to replace 20% of water every day. You can also add aquarium salt, or special medications.

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