The most unusual animals of the world

Of course, you can say that I explored the world far and wide, and you very difficult to surprise… But today we are ready to amaze you! Even if you are a big animal lover. you cannot know everything 1 367 555 species of vertebrates that live on our planet! In addition, while you are reading this, scientists are able to open a couple of new species! So, get ready for unexpected surprises!

Let’s look at the most unusual animals of the world, the existence of which you had no idea! Look at them closely. You may want to have one as a pet!

Red-lipped fish — swallow

This unusual fish. living at the Galapagos Islands, is actually a lousy swimmer! The fish has legs instead of fins and so she walks on the ocean floor!

Shark — house

This is a very rare shark is sometimes called a living fossil. It is the only extant representative of the family Scapanorhynchus, whose history goes back 125 million years. Sharks – goblins inhabit around the world at depths exceeding 100 m . Moreover, adults prefer to settle deeper than young. Given such a depth habitat of this strange shark frightening appearance, it can be concluded that for humans it is not dangerous.

Ant– Panda

Motility is a family, with more than 3,000 species of wasps. Yes, it is the OS, not the ants! Why confuse them with ants? Just the females of these wasps have no wings and resemble large hairy ants. The first of these unusual wasps found in Chile. Insects known for their extremely painful stings, so they are often called “cow killers” or “cow ants” . Representatives of the family mutillid black and white colouring is often called ants, pandas is due to the color similarity with a giant Panda, living in China.

Snake — penis

This is a very funny creature is actually a rare representative of the family of water-Chervak.

“Snake” is quite a large amphibian that has a wide flat head and a fleshy fin located along the entire surface of the body.

Cicada – Umbone Of Spinoza

These beautiful beetles cicadas with a spike on the back, use your incredible decoration with a single purpose: they pierce the thorn shoot of a plant and drinking its juice. However, the strange appearance of the bugs makes scientists a lot of questions.

Striped tenrec

This tiny tenrec was first discovered on the island of Madagascar and is the only mammal that is able to chirp.

The resemblance to a Hummingbird hawk moth this attaches to the fact that it feeds on the flowers using a long proboscis, and make a sound like the buzzing hummingbirds.

Mollusk Glaucus Atlanticus

This creature, also known as the blue dragon, he moves slowly in the water column.

The mollusk is easily found in shallow warm ocean waters: it helps to float the bag with gas, located in the abdominal cavity.

These crustaceans are also referred to as “sea locusts” or “killer shrimp” . The mantis shrimp has powerful jaws, which causes the wounds of his victim, and is the most common predator in the waters of the subtropical zone. However, it is nice being able to meet not so often, because most of the time the mantis shrimp holds in its hole.

This insect was first discovered in Venezuela in 2009 . and this species is still very poorly known. At first sight the moth resembles a creature from another planet! The more it is interesting for scientists, who will reveal all the secrets of this beautiful butterfly!


This fish lives off the coast of Papua New Guinea .

Local fishermen knew about the existence of such a terrifying predator with a creepy jaw, before entering the water, always starayutsya protect the most vulnerable parts of his body!

Giant isopod

This isopod is the largest of the existing isopods, or isopods. The huge size of this creature is the result of a phenomenon known as deep sea gigantism.

The essence of the phenomenon is that the denizens of the deep grow to much larger sizes than their relatives that inhabit shallow water.


Saigas live in the steppes of Eurasia . The fame of these antelopes brought them very unusual, floppy, hanging nose — trunk.

No other antelope has as “decoration”!

From the name it is clear that this snake lives in trees. Arboreal vipers that live in the tropical forests of Africa . they are predators who hunt only at night.

Indian purple frog

This unique species of frog has an unusual color and they spend on the surface of the earth only two weeks a year. Their underground burrows are purple frogs leave only when they need to mate.

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