The fish in the garden pond.

Outdoor open ponds, which are becoming increasingly popular among vacationers and simply living in the countryside, in winter, of course, freeze. Tightly and freeze. Thick, sometimes almost a foot of ice covers the access of air to the water. Meanwhile, these reservoirs are very densely inhabited by any living creatures. At least – that all sorts of beetles and larvae of dragonflies. In the waters find shelter for the winter frog. And how high is this fish wild or ornamental, sometimes very expensive. And all of them, even those who is in a state of winter hibernation, the necessary oxygen in the water.

Everyone knows that for example carp winter after he buried into the bottom mud. And seemingly no Zamora they are not afraid. But it is in nature, in large enough bodies of water. In the same garden ponds and pools, which are usually overpopulated and aren’t many (if any), and the amount of water attributed to each individual fish is much smaller. And then there appear uncontrolled parasite – frog, and others, also consuming oxygen. In General, in winter under the ice even sleeping goldfish is not sweet. What can we say about the fish, not falling into the hibernation. For example, the roach, the perch and others. As such, playful and not shy fish are a summer decoration of the water, playing at its surface, collecting the fallen insects. Petomane to protect from winter Zamora.

In order to protect the fish from Zamora, it is necessary to ensure the flow of oxygen in the water. Or rather, to ensure contact of water and air, at least in a small area of several square decimeters. I.e. to arrange in a frozen pond wormwood. This can be done in several ways.

Those who resides near his pond, or at least visit it often enough, simply cut or break the ice in any way. Scrap the ice, axe, ice screws, etc. at least every 1-2 weeks throughout the freezing period.

It is much harder for those who visit my pond in the winter occasionally or not attending at all. Rather, it was more difficult for fish living in their waters.

Meanwhile, to help them has become very simple. It is enough to leave for the winter in a small aquarium or pond pump or fountain pump.

At the outlet of the pump fits over a small section of hose, better hard. Hose length should be approximately about one meter. This will allow to bury the pump is guaranteed ice-free depth. The free end of the hose passed through a small piece of polystyrene (Styrofoam). This will ensure a certain freedom of movement of the pump. Adjustable height of the hose so that the jet would be facing was dropping as from a greater height, but not to the detriment of pump efficiency. These pumps have very low power (3-10 W), therefore the height of rise of water in them usually does not exceed 50-70 cm. For our purposes it will be enough, if the water will fall from a height of 15-30 cm

The performance of these pumps is approx. 300-500 liters per hour and this, too, is more than enough. The falling stream of water actively mixes the water and air, allowing the flow of oxygen in the water. Such a polynya will not freeze in any frost. And even if the frost is strong, it can decrease the size of a palm, but as soon as the frost will weaken the jet of water again it will be diluted to the size of a small basin. It should be mentioned that with falling temperature, the solubility of gases in water increases significantly, so even a very small hole, especially with a constantly-stirred water, guaranteed to save the fish in the pond from Zamora.

Now consider the economic side of things. The cost of such pump – pump – 300 – 500 rubles the Term of its service – at least a few years. There is simply nothing to break ( small magnetized rotor rotates within a potted coil). Overheating due to low capacity, being in the ice water pump is not threatened. The only thing that can stop such a motor is dirty water and loss of electricity. The pump is about 5-6 watts. Ie for a day it will consume approx. 150 watt. During the entire winter season – about 20 kW (30 rubles).

Is it too high price for keeping your fish livestock? And what is the cost of moral harm to the psyche of vacationers, spring vyuzivajuca the corpses of suffocated fish?

As an alternative the pump can be considered a compressor, which can directly pump air under the ice. However, such compressors generally quite noisy. The pump works almost noiselessly. Anyway, the noise is completely masked by the sound of running water. In addition, such compressors generally room performance. Ie are designed to work exclusively in-house. Fontanille same pump and so are designed to work when immersed in water, and cold water of the pond is their native environment. In summer the pump can operate for its intended purpose – to serve as a fountain, with a more decorative design.

And only those who have breeds fish with breeding (for sale, for food, for the nimble) set such a device is necessary. Moreover, the pump must be installed more powerful.

By the way, if you are a lover of winter fishing, keep the bait fish for it, using this hole will become very simple. A small tank is all the equipment.

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