The construction of lakes and ponds

Lakes and large ponds are an integral part of the natural or manmade landscape. Cleaning of lakes and maintenance of appropriate water quality is an urgent problem of our time.

For such reservoirs is impractical to create a separate filtration system and water purification with the use of technological equipment. Clearing such lakes should be carried out in the reservoir through natural processes, and the use of equipment and/or materials should be minimal and only to assist the natural processes of self-cleaning water.

The specialists of our company together with our partner ready to develop and implement a range of measures to clean contaminated water of Your pond, lake or large pond.

The pond is not only a technical construction, but also a place of pastime. Therefore, we build ponds, what would they bring into Your life only the bright colors and unforgettable emotions. We don’t forget that the pond should be an integral part of the landscape of your garden.

Unlike the pool, pond gives you the experience all year round. In summer you can swim and/or enjoy the damp coolness of your pond. Autumn – drenched in the vivid colors of beautiful autumn pores. Winter – take a dip after a soulful “bathhouse” or pokatatsya skating, if the conditions allow. In the spring – enjoy the awakening of nature.

In areas the ponds can be divided into.

The ponds for swimming,


and Ponds for fish.

All these ponds have their own characteristics and require their approach to construction, startup, maintenance and service.

The swimming pond . or swimming pond is an artificial pond, which in appearance most similar to the natural sloping Bank of gravel leads to the water where you can see normal water inhabitants. After you at least once swim in the swimming pond, you’ll never want to use for this purpose conventional swimming pools with chlorinated water.

The construction of ponds for bathing almost no limits. A swimming pond can be almost any shape and with any decoration. For this pond does not require hazardous cleaning system. Cleaning the pond is produced through modern biotechnology natural cleaning that allows you to create ecological balance and obtain the swimming pond with crystal clear water and presence of aquatic animals and vegetation, so necessary for a feeling of intimacy with nature while bathing.

Landscape and decorative ponds is the detail that will give any garden or Park even more beauty, charm, and create an atmosphere of calm, serenity, will give the possibility to feel harmony with the surrounding world.

Garden pond can have a different shape and a different layout. For example, it may have the edge, lined with stones, and natural vegetation, which will create the impression of natural origin, or have the wall is clearly of artificial origin and a fountain in the center. An artificial pond is always popular with landscape designers as a very important part of the Park or garden. But, in addition to large spaces, ornamental pond will decorate any, even the smallest garden near the house. For example, the pond at the cottage in the garden will delight your tired of the urban jungle, the eye and even more closer to the nature. The construction of ponds, whether large artificial pond in the Park or just a small artificial reservoir in the country, it is best to entrust the professionals who will design it, carry out all works, then I’ll teach you how to properly care for it, what plants are best suited to your pond, as well as the cleaning of a pond.

Ponds for fish – it’s a different story. Pond fish should have good quality water because fish can’t live in not oxygenated water. Such artificial pond shall be to have all the conditions to ensure that the fish not only survived there but also eat healthy, grow and actively multiply. The construction of ponds for fish – a rather complicated matter, since it is necessary to provide a lot of things, which will continue to be important. For example, you need to consider that for breeding fish, artificial pond should have an irregular depth, deeper areas and shallower, where the water is well warmed up. To make the fish feel good, you need to always monitor the composition of water and if necessary make organic and mineral fertilizers. In the fall of the water usually goes down, is cleaning the pond, cleaning of plants, catching of fish.

It is important to remember that a pond is a living ecosystem. Something is growing and requires a certain amount of nutrients, something dies and/or emit waste products, which can be detrimental to your fish and plants. We know the cycle of the life cycle of the reservoir. Therefore, to maintain the natural eco-balance, we plant correctly selected plants in a pond and use the pond (no basin) cleaning system and water filtration leading European manufacturers depending on the type of pond.

Any artificial body of water you didn’t want a swimming pond, ornamental garden pond or artificial pond for breeding fish, its construction is best left to the experts. Because the construction of ponds requires the efforts of not only workers, but also and architect and subsequently the landscape architect.

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