The aquarium as a piece of art

The aquarium design is the art of creating living art, and as any art it has its canons, rules, directions. Prostozoo hurry to introduce them.

In the late nineteenth century English naturalist Philip Gosse (pictured) asked for an indication of glass vessels with water, which are used for marine plants and animals, the word “aquarium”. Accordingly, the science of the content of Averianov, became known as “the aquarium”.

In the nineteenth century aquariums used for scientific purposes: monitoring the marine life. But with the filing of the same Gosse aquariums not only acquired the designation, and expanded the scope of usage, and at the same time a circle of admirers. The restless Englishman in 1853 in London Rigers Park opened the world’s first exhibition of marine aquariums – “Aquatic vivarium”. She liked the audience and it’s still in use (London aquarium). From that moment began a new era aquarium, aquariums have become a highlight and addition to the interior, and its inhabitants – Pets.

The demand is known, creates supply, and once the aquariums crossed the threshold of the houses, appeared the developers, manufacturers of aquarium equipment, the task of which is to make the lives of obitatelyami the most comfortable. Aquarium designers seek not only to combine the contents of aquariums with the interior, but also to make the aquarium its highlight.

Aquarium bed

The aquarium design includes .

exterior design;

interior design: composing in the aquarium;

selection of hydrobionts on the compatibility;

arrange decorations and plants, the colonization of other aquatic organisms.

There are 11 key areas of Aqua .

Accelerated herbalist, or decorative aquarium – this aquarium design is often found in aquariums beginner aquarists. They, without knowing it, create accelerated herbalist. This type of Aqua design does not put other than the compatibility conditions for animals and plants. The composition of used aquarium rocks, driftwood and live plants, so it looks natural. Accelerated herbalist implies a fairly dense colonization by fish. Most often its inhabitants become characins, toothcarps and Cypriniformes fishes .

So accelerated, as many decorative

Biotope aquarium – simulates any natural habitat, whether it be the Delta of the Amazon, or a reef of the red sea. Filling of aquarium, from soil to aquatic organisms, strictly corresponds to the biotope. This type of design is the most comfortable for the inhabitants.

With the works of the finalists of the Biotope aquarium design 2013, which took place in St. Petersburg 20-23 November, will introduce the video.

Forced herbalist, or Dutch aquarium is a well-kept garden. The main role in this type of play Aqua plants, fish only accentuate and complement the beauty of the underwater garden. Plants plants very densely, in the Dutch aquarium is allowed only 20% open ground. For this type of Aqua is characterized by the regular addition of fertiliser and trace elements. Forced herbalist requires the aquarist expertise in the care of an aquarium. Today contests design Dutch aquarium under the auspices of the Dutch organization NBAT.

Not enough windmills, and flying the Dutch landscape and theme is already there

The pseudo – freshwater aquarium, simulating the sea. The light soil is used, as a rule, these baby coral and coral sand. Execute pseudo-corals, shells, ceramics, artificial plants. Live plants in pseudo-rarely planted, they are poorly adapted, as corals and shells make the water hard. Pseudo-colored fish inhabit that colors resemble the inhabitants of a coral reef on one side, and does not put high demands on the hardness of the water on the other. Most often, residents become the pseudo-cichlids.

“We are not marine fish, we psevdomorskoy!”

A saltwater aquarium without living coral – minimalism in design and decor. A major role in the aquariums these types belong to marine fishes. The decor is similar to the decor pseudo-or not.

“Reef” is a saltwater aquarium with live corals – king of aquariums. Create and care for him is difficult, because it is necessary correctly and to fine-tune the balance. The vivid colors of aquatic organisms “Reef” make it memorable. Looking at this tank, it seems that he has plunged into the mysterious sea water.

Marine aquarium requires special equipment to contain it is troublesome and expensive. The inhabitants of saltwater aquariums are not as diverse as freshwater, but differ exotic looks and colors.

Beautiful and demanding inhabitants of the “Reef”

“Vanguard” – the basis of this aquarium: bright colors and unusual shapes. In decorating elements are artificial, and the more they differ from those that occur in nature – the better.


For fish-climbers

Aquarium for large show-fish – have minimum decorations, the rate here is exotic fish large or interesting shapes. Filling the aquarium aims to provide its inhabitant in all its glory. Residents of the tank for a large show fish are: fish-knife, a shark, Aravan and other large aquatic inhabitants.

Story aquarium interior design aquarium is chosen for a certain subject, for example, a sunken ship, castle or cave. Composition plot of the aquarium depends only on the imagination of the aquarist, and is often combined with other types of Aqua: a story for large aquarium fish, aquarium scene-the avant-garde.

Telephone booth aquarium

“For a dime?”

Industrial aquarium design ideas here give way to the practicality. Such aquariums, as a rule, without soil and scenery, convenient water supply and intensive aeration.

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