Supernatural creatures

Intelligent races

Note: Most of the creatures described in this section have their earth counterparts and are slightly different from them, but there are also unique found only in the creation of Tamriel, they are highlighted in gold font .

Shark (shark):

Belongs to the class of cartilaginous fishes. Sharks are large fish with long body, which gives it exceptional hydrodynamic properties. Sharks are predatory fish and fast swimmers. They live in seas and oceans around Tamriel. Eat fish, but dangerous as it can attack a person or elf, if he is in the ocean.

Reference. TESA: Redguard, Shark-werewolf

Fighting fish (River Betty):

Fighting fish is a small fish lilac color, which can be found in freshwater bodies of the province of Skyrim. Is of great interest to alchemists.

Reference. TES5: Skyrim

Plaice (flounder):

Fish living on the bottom of the seas of Tamriel. This lifestyle has led to the fact that flatfish swim “sideways”, which has a very flattened body, and her eyes are only on one, upper, side. The upper side is also more brightly coloured and there are fins. Flounder is the subject of the fishery the fishermen of Tamriel because of their meat.

Reference. The InfernalCity

Salmon (salmon):

Salmon is the common name of the whole are similar to each other fish found in freshwater bodies all over Tamriel and in the seas. This fish is easy of changing lifestyle, appearance and colour depending on external conditions. These fish are very tasty meat with the result that they became the target species of the fishermen of Tamriel.

Reference. TES5: Skyrim

Merringer (Merringar):

Belongs to the class of bony fish. This is a very rare fish, living in shoals in the seas to the North of Skyrim. This fish is very appreciated due to its tasty meat and is therefore the object of hunting Skyrim fishermen.

Reference. The Red Kitchen Reader

Perch (perch):

Representative bony fish, the perch is widely distributed in fresh water throughout Tamriel. Perch refers to predatory fish in the diet of adult perch considerable share is occupied with other freshwater fish. The most known representatives of this family of fishes — Basinski and silver perch. Both species of redfish are commercially important fish, and are of great interest to alchemists.

Reference. TES5: Skyrim

Cave fish (Trogfish):

Edible fish belonging to the class of bony fish. Live only in the murky and dark waters in deep caves Tamriel.

Reference. The Infernal City

Pollis (pogfish):

Fish that live in the waters of Tamriel.

Reference. The Infernal City

Killer Fish (Slaughterfish):

Belongs to the class of bony fish. These fish are fairly aggressive behavior. The body of the fish-killers narrow, it allows them in battle to skillfully maneuver in the water. Mouth slaughterfish dotted with dozens of small but sharp teeth. Slaughterfish inhabit the seas and freshwater reservoirs throughout Tamriel. Even in the face of its young individuals have to be careful.

Reference. TES2: Daggerfall, TES3: Morrowind, TES4: Oblivion

The Cyrodilic lapethos (Cyrodilic Spadetail):

Lapethos is a small fish crimson color inhabiting the fresh waters of Tamriel, mostly lakes and rivers of Cyrodiil pvp, but also found in freshwater reservoirs in other provinces, in particular Skyrim. Is of great interest to alchemists.

Reference. TES5: Skyrim

Catfish (Catfish):

Catfish is a large freshwater fish that lives mainly in rivers of Central Tamriel. In length can reach several meters. Catfish eats mostly carrion, but also attack larger fish, and even came to water the animals. Is the target species of the fishermen of Tamriel.

Reference. The Infernal City

Troth (trodh):

Belongs to the order of cartilaginous fishes. It is a small fish, inhabiting the fresh waters of the province of black marsh. To eat this fine fish food can only be alive as the dead trophy after a short time become deadly poisonous.

Reference. The Argonian Account

History (histcarp):

History is a small orange fish, found in freshwater reservoirs and in marshy areas around the province of Skyrim. Is of great interest to alchemists.

Reference. TES5: Skyrim

Pike (pike):

Freshwater predatory fish belonging to the class of bony fish. Torso pike almost cylindrical, and ends with a huge long flat head with a projecting lower jaw, her mouth wide studded top and bottom solid Krestovskiy sharp teeth. The pike preys mainly on other smaller fish. However, pike could attack and jump in the water traveler. Though pike is not so dangerous, as fish-killer, but it is better to be alert. Pike is an edible fish, it can often be seen on the tables of the wealthy inhabitants of Tamriel.

Reference. How Orsinium to be won by the orcs

Eel (eel):

Belongs to the class of bony fish. External structure of body acne like a snake, covered with mucus. It lives in freshwater and feeds on animal food. Leads predominantly nocturnal. A distinctive feature of eels is their ability to produce electrical discharges, by which these fish hunt and defend themselves. Eels-the rippers are also used in Lilmoe against the Argonian, attempting to cross the external channel.

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