Kelp – brown algae, which have long been eaten by the people who lived near the sea. The edibility differ only in some of its species: laminaria saccharina and palmately dissected laminaria. They are called sea cabbage. Information about its usefulness became widely known, which explains the popularity of this product. But despite this, around kelp considerable controversy supporters that believed in her neoteleostei, and opponents who believe that the damage to health caused by it doesn’t pay get the benefit.

After the extraction of dried cabbage, as it is 80% water, but during drying the product does not lose useful properties, fully preserving all the vitamins and minerals. In the process of manufacturing kelp is minimally processed, which also does not destroy valuable substances, does not lead to their loss or collapse due to exposure to temperature.

The composition of seaweed and the main areas of its application

Laminaria has an unusual smell that repels some consumers who prefer familiar foods and decide on questionable experiments. However, her continued presence in the diet in recommended doses equivalent to the use of nutritional Supplements, because the composition of seaweed rich in mineral substances: iodine, zinc, cobalt, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, and vitamins A, E, C and B. It is the undisputed leader in the amount of iodine in the composition, 100 grams provide organizational the intake of iodine, and in this form it is not excreted, what happens when absorbing it from other sources. On the contrary, it absorbed better than advertised, and expensive drugs.

Due to the large set of macro – and micronutrients seaweed is often used as a fertilizer and is used in various fields: from folk medicine (prevention of endemic goitre and arteriosclerosis) to cosmetology (masks and body wraps).

Of course, kelp has found its niche and in cooking. It is especially popular in Asia, where the ways of cooking seaweed are varied and big scope: drying, freezing, drying, salting, canning, stewing and marinades. Prepare salads for the holiday table and for everyday, also kelp in soups, this is common in Japanese cuisine. With it even cook porridge and desserts, which passed through a meat grinder and thoroughly crushing.

Use seaweed

Alginic acid, included in its composition, are characterized by insolubility in water, they do not disintegrate under the action of enzymes, and swell and absorb the liquid. Alginates are not absorbed in the digestive process, but a beneficial effect on the intestines, stimulates the motility, not vespasia or irritating its surface. This property was noticed by nutritionists who suggest that you add kelp to the menu for obesity and swelling.

Cholesterol is absorbed by the salts of alginic acid and filiform formations of seaweed that prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis. Polysaccharides that boasts kelp, help to overcome neurotic and depressive States provoked by stress. Doctors recommend not to forget about it and hypertension and replace the salt with seaweed.

Masks from kelp, which is popular in cosmetology, have a softening effect on the skin, raise its tone, and do less deep wrinkles and expression lines, clean the skin from microorganisms and toxins. The substance that is extracted from the roots of kelp, inhibits the growth of breast tumors.

Seaweed is used to fight cellulite and stretch marks, because it has a lymphatic drainage effect and gently removes toxins and wastes, improving circulation, relieves swelling in problem areas. Of sea Kale is prepared of a cosmetic oil having anti-inflammatory and healing effects are widely used in Pediatrics and gynecology.

Contraindications seaweed

Seaweed is harmful in a sufficiently large number of diseases: pulmonary tuberculosis, urticaria, inflammation of the small intestine and the mucous membrane of the stomach, liver and biliary tract, as well as diseases in which illegal drugs that contain iodine. You should not use it and pregnant.

The harm that may cause seaweed, due to the fact that kelp absorbs both beneficial and harmful substances. Before the meal from the dishes in which it is included, make sure its good quality, in order not to harm yourself. Besides, regular consumption of kelp in osteoporosis may lead to the opposite expected effect of bone fragility. You should not abuse it, it is necessary to adhere to the recommended norms, and people suffering from allergies should be especially careful, because seaweed is recognized as allergenic.

Kelp is a multivitamin complex, created by nature, composed of forty-vitamins, micro and macroelements, which have a beneficial, medicinal effect on health in almost all disorders of the body: from the defeat of the Central nervous system to decrease mental and physical abilities or metabolic disorders. No wonder that in the Eastern countries respectfully kelp called sea ginseng.

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