Sea secrets

12. What is the jellyfish, common in the Black and Azov seas, burning like nettles? ( Kornerot, or Hrizostom .)

13. What Medusa has much more victims than any shark? ( Sea wasp – Hironex from the squad Fleckeri Jellyfish. Occurs in the Great Barrier reef of Australia. Bell diameter up to 4,5 cm Usually “stung” her people are killed in a few minutes. The sea wasp venom affects the nervous system, leads to paralysis of the heart.

15. In some cases, predatory polychaetes dangerous to humans? ( Chitinous hook, with a serrated inner edge of the jaws of carnivorous polychaetes associated with venomous glands. Polychaetes may also have parapodia with poisonous bristles. Suffer from them most often fishermen, brought out the trawl catch. At a strong poisoning there is a sharp pain and swelling in the arms, appear headache, nausea.

16. In any case, some edible bivalves can be poisonous? ( If their tissues are developing certain bacteria or accumulate toxic substances.

17. What mollusk is called the “blue death”? ( Small (20 cm, 100 g) Hapalochaena octopus maculosa, which lives in the coastal areas of the tropical zone of the Pacific and Indian oceans. In the excited state it is covered with bright blue spots. Salivary glands of octopus have venom neurotoxins acting simultaneously on the nervous and muscular system. The bite of this clam privided paralysis of the respiratory muscles .

18. Why in 1962 the Pasteur Institute issued a special document, which ended with the words: “Collecting shells, remember: you are walking through a minefield”? What kind of clams did you discuss? ( On gastropod molluscs of the genera of the cone and terebra with beautiful shells. Their teeth radula resemble the shape of a harpoon, their greatly elongated ends provided with sharp spines directed backwards. Defensively, the mollusk uses these teeth like a syringe needle for introduction into the body of the enemy poison with paralytic effect .

19. What activedevice (i.e., with poisonous thorns or spines) of fish do you know? ( Shark-spiny dogfish, sting ray, sea draon, sea ruff-the Scorpion, tropical verrucosa and lionfish (Zebra fish).

20. Stick fins what valuable commercial fish are often affected fishermen and rybodobytchikami? ( Sea bass. At the site of injury there is severe pain, develop inflammation and swelling, which can spread to the wrist, forearm. The penetration into the wound secondary infection may lead to the development of abscesses and phlegmons .)

21. What tropical fish are the most poisonous? ( Red lionfish from the family of sea ruffs. Venomous spines are located on her dorsal, ventral, and anal fins. Pricked on a thorn, the person experiences a sharp pain, which gradually increased, becoming unbearable, and can lead to loss of consciousness, death. Borodavchenko from Ref. skarpenord 12 thick spines of the dorsal fin is equipped with the most poisonous fish in the glands. Usually this fish lies buried in the sand, mud or huddled among the rocks. To see her is almost impossible even on land, where it falls during large tides. The spines of the dorsal fin easily pierced the man’s shoes, stepping on a fish, and penetrate deep into the foot. The victim soon loses consciousness from the terrible pain and destruction of vital nerve centers, often paralysis .)

22. What are the dangers of surgeon fish? ( It may cause the wounds of the tail thorns, having a cutting edge, sharp as a surgical scalpel. Most often from fish-surgeons suffer lovers of underwater hunting and fishing .)

23. What passionatecutie (i.e. poisonous by eating) fish you know? ( Very toxic to many fish families. Blowfish, or fish-dogs, called in Japan a “fugu”. Blocking the transmission of nerve impulses toxins they are concentrated in the skin, peritoneum, liver and gonads. About 60% of people poisoned by fugu, die within the first day. But in small doses, the toxin of Blowfish evoke a certain narcotic effect, and so the meat of these fish, carefully cleaned of skin, peritoneum, gonads, still popular in many Eastern countries. the cook involved in the cooking of this fish, must have a special diploma of the “school Fugue”. From freshwater fish, inhabiting in the territory of the former USSR, hazardous creatures (e.g., Marina), which can be toxic sexual products and the abdominal lining. )

24. Which medications are made on the basis of fugu poison – tetrodoxin? ( Anesthetic used after serious operations, and medicines, cures migraine and heart disease .)

25. Why the venom of sea snakes is so highly toxic? ( This device is powered pojkilotermnymi (cold-blooded) animals, is relatively resistant to poisons. Additionally, the coral thickets are needed almost instant killing of prey, otherwise it will hide in the cracks and its a goner .)

26. What are some species of sea snakes. ( Plastichnosti – large, ringed; lactococci – striped, spiral; two-color Bonito .)

27. What are the largest fish, which is able to attack the person. ( Great white shark. Its length reaches 8 m and a weight of 3.75 tons .)

28. What predatory fish, but sharks are dangerous to swimmers? ( After most dangerous sharks, apparently, Barracuda or sea pike, from SEM. spiranovic. She’s aggressive, rapid, klinovidnye armed with long teeth, sharp as a knife. Barracudas are often the real culprits of accidents attributed to sharks. The representatives of the OTP. preobrazaj – Moray eels can bite brutal punish the diver, who had violated their peace in the crevices of coral reefs .)

29. What marine mammals can be dangerous to humans? ( Killer whales, walruses, seals

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