Recipes cooking of fish

Fillet of silver carp.

To cook a fillet of silver carp, we need a coarse salt without iodine, five kilograms of silver carp.

And now for the cooking oil. To cook this salmon, you will need only a very big fish. Clean the fish from scales, gut it and fillet it is separable from the rest. This can be done in the following way: make a cut only on the back, around the head to the ridge. The head cut is not necessary, then it will be much easier to cut the fish fillet. Along the ridge from tail to head, cut away the skin, hold the knife at an obtuse angle to the spine, begin to cut the meat from the rib bones, carefully and slowly moving towards the tail. The same actions are done on the reverse side.

After obreteniye you will be a great set for a soup, or aspic, because the broth will harden perfectly and without gelatin.

Now back to fillet – cut into its desired size pieces, begin to lay into a container, it is desirable that this capacity was enameled or glass. At the bottom of the container pour a layer of salt, then laid the fish, then carefully cover with another layer of salt – so the stacked layers until then, until the end of the fish, but the last layer must be salt. The dishes lockable flat lid, which put the oppression in the form of cans of water.

Put the entire structure in the fridge and keep there for about seven days. By the end of this period take out the right amount of fish, soak it for seven hours, three times changing water. The fish will need to soak in brine many hours, how many days you can keep her in salt in the fridge. But the number of hours should not exceed one day, when this water should be changed every half to two hours. Then the fish are suspending at two to four days, depending on environmental humidity and degree of ventilation.

Salad with smoked meat.

Now cook with a ham salad. To do this, prepare two hundred grams of mixed salads – novel, Korn, quick!, radiccio, one bunch of green parts of green onions, two hundred grams of fish (salmon, trout, sturgeon or fish oil), eight to ten cherry tomatoes, and refills take the zest of one lemon, lemon juice (from half lemon), four tablespoons of olive oil, two peeled walnuts, half a small spoon of sugar, pepper, salt, Provencal herbs (Basil, rosemary, thyme and so on).

Proceed to the recipe. Chop the onion in small rings, wash and cut tomatoes in half, mix up with salad leaves.

Now prepare the filling – grate lemon zest, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, a good rastolchem into pulp nuts, spices and add olive oil, pepper and salt and stir it carefully. Divide the filling into two parts.

Finely chop the salmon, roll it in dressing and leave for a few minutes soaked, we add half portion of salad leaves and stir them up. On a beautiful dish put lettuce, and spread slices on top of fillet.

Fillet of catfish.

To prepare the smoked catfish to start, cut the carcass of a catfish, gut it, cut off the thin part of the tail and abdomen on the sides. Remaining carcass cut into pieces five or six inches thick. This carcass does not need to be washed quite simply scrape with a knife.

Prepare pickles cookware – best stainless or enamelware. If it is not in the house, take any other and cover with cling film.

Laid in a bowl first, sliced pieces of fish slices to the bottom of the vessel. Then put the abdomen and tail, skin up. In this each layer of fish perezimuem coarse salt. This will take about one and a half pounds for every ten pounds of fish.

The last layer of fish with salt perezimuem, while the coarser the salt, the better it will turn out fish, but do not take iodized. Keep the container with the contents in the refrigerator or in another cool place. Fish pieces extracted, washed with running cold water, skoblin it and hung to dry for one or two days. Fish can be kept in brine for up to three months.

Fillet of sturgeon.

For cooking sturgeon sturgeon smooth cut portion of fish. If the surface is sufficiently smooth, then before the skins cut into small cubes with a three-centimeter sides. Balik drop it into boiling water and boil for five to seven minutes.

Cut with skins cubes of salmon cubes and serve them, sprinkled with the chopped dill to the boiled potatoes.

And more of that dried meat you can cook tasty fish soup. To do this, throw the pieces of salmon into boiling water, pre-cut skins with them, there also add chunks of potatoes and carrots, and a few minutes before end of cooking add peeled from the skin and cut tomato and greens.

The fillet of fish.

To prepare the fillet of fish (at least kilo), cut it from the back, get rid of the guts without cutting the abdomen, inside and outside sprinkle fish with salt.

Then take a cotton cloth and wrapped in her plump fish, tighten the top elastic band, to make something like a harness. They put it all in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. But three days suspended on the balcony or under a fan.

Can do salmon and without a tourniquet, only then you need quite often to get the fish and pressing it manually.

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