Marine fish in Montenegro

In the Adriatic sea, Montenegro is home to over 35 different species of fish :

Dorada, Orada

Dorada is the most popular fish in the Mediterranean since times of antiquity. In ancient Rome Dorado to propagate in captivity could not, therefore, caught in the sea young fish and fattened in special pools with sea water. Considered the most delicious Dorado caught in the period July to October. Can reach a length of 70 cm Dorada is not accidentally considered the most exquisite fish delicacies. Its dense white meat has a unique aroma and contains few bones, so cooking is in great demand. Since Dorada feels good too in relatively clean water near the coasts and well propagated, it is often bred in the lagoons and bays of the seas of the Mediterranean basin, in particular in the Adriatic and around its Islands. Breeding marine fish Dorada actively foraged and Montenegro – in particular Boko-Kotor Bay.

Blue Marlin

Sometimes weighs up to 500 kg and can be longer than 4. 4.5 m. The nose of this fish in the form of an acute corneous process. It is a blue Marlin at the Ernest Hemingway story “the old Man and the sea” tried to catch the main character.

White Marlin

Can reach up to 3 meters in length with a standard size of about 1,5-2 meters and weighing more than 50 kg. Luchaire for catching white Marlin – early morning 05-00 to 11-00 hours. Well caught on artificial bait.

Bluefin tuna

Lives and swims in packs, most often found in coastal waters, although sometimes swims far from the shore. Bluefin tuna is one of the largest tuna, sometimes exceeding in length more than 3 m and weigh up to 300. 350 kg.

Yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin tuna reaches up to 2.4 meters and a weight up to 200 kg. is Often grouped with other species of similar size, particularly with dolphins and sea pigs and whale sharks. Eat yellowfin tuna typically small fish, crustaceans and squid.


Sharks are amazingly perfect beings. The body of the shark is incredibly streamlined from sharp sabre-like snout to the caudal fin, which allows her in the water to develop high speed and make rapid and unexpected maneuvers. No wonder the shark has such a “reputation”.


A ramp leads benthic lifestyle and eats crustaceans, plankton and small fish. The Stingray body is strongly flattened with large pectoral fins, fused with the head. Some stingrays have a fin span of up to 2.5 meters and their length can reach up to 5 m.


Conger can reach large sizes, but he is very cautious and shy. When the danger of acne then hiding in a safe shelter. However, acne is very curious, and this can be used, especially when at night he emerges from his burrow in search of food.

Dark slab

Fish of medium size, grows to 70 cm and weigh up to 4 kg, it received its name from the dark color of the back, generally dark slate with copper-red or violet tint; the sides of the slab a little brighter and have a Golden color. The slab slightly elongated body with a hump in the front, hence the name fish. Kept the bottom layer from the rocky shores. At night or after a storm slab to the shore for food. Catch more of the dark slabs from the shore. Bites best with the coming of dusk, for bait use fresh dead or live shrimp.


Moray eels live deep at the bottom of the Adriatic. During the day morays lie dormant in the crevices of the rocks, and sticking your head be on the lookout for passing prey. At night morays out on the hunt. Typically, morays feed on fish, but sometimes attack the crustaceans and octopus. Meat morays, after some processing, can also be used in food.


Wahoo has a thin long body and bright silver scales with blue stripes on the sides, but these stripes disappear immediately after her death. This is one of the most beautiful fish found in the Adriatic sea in Montenegro. The body of a Wahoo is that it can make water shots at speeds up to 80 km/h. the Average weight reaches 10. 20 kg.

The Dolphin fish

The Dolphin fish can reach a length of 2 meters and weighs about 30 kg. its Color is extremely bright. Spin glittering green-blue, while the sides and belly of the fish appears silver or gold. Dolphinfish is not by chance are popular as an object of sport fishing.

The dorsum coloration is green with a blue tint, and white belly. Reaches a length up to 70 cm and weigh up to 10 kg Lutari have a desperate resistance when you pull by. Sometimes the fish takes long hours.


Fish of the mackerel. On breast palamidi scales forms a shell. Back bluish, with oblique narrow dark stripes. In young individuals palamidi wide dark transverse stripes, and the belly silvery. The dorsal fin is not interrupted.

Sea bass

Sea bass also known as brancin or sea wolf. In length the fish can reach 1 meter and its weight can reach 10 kg. of sea Bass is not only extremely tasty but also very useful because it contains no fat and is a good source of protein.


The maximum length of mackerel up to 60 cm Body spindle-shaped,and the scales small. The back is blue-green, with numerous black curved stripes. Mackerel – thermophilic traditional schooling fish.

The mullet

Red mullet is one of the most valuable commercial marine fish . including in Montenegro . Reaches a length of up to 40. 45 see the Mullet is distinguished by the presence of long antennae on the lower jaw, by which it loosens the sand on the seabed and gather their own food in the form of small family members, sea. Fish kept in flocks mainly in the seabed.

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