Marine aquaria.

As a rule, in the aquarium there are two kinds of marine aquariums. The first type – for keeping and breeding fish, and the second (reef) corals and other invertebrates, the functions of which are very demanding to such conditions as the water quality and light levels.

To properly run marine aquarium, you need to:

To consider in detail the decoration.

– Set the aquarium on a flat surface and mount the main part of the scenery. Please note that you do not need to cover the soil and stones.

– Then connect the filter with the filler, but not to include it, then be sure to earth the tank (placing a titanium electrode so that all the time he was in the water). To avoid failure of the charge connecting the grounding a qualified electrician.

– Now in the aquarium must be filled with ordinary tap water, and allow it to stand for 6-24 hours, after which the water is completely drained. Moreover, if during the manufacturing any parts-components were used aquarium chemicals to the water should be kept longer.

– Then, if the aquarium is less than 200 liters, fill with fresh water up to 3/4 full, if the aquarium is larger and its volume is more than 500 litres – at 4/5 of its volume.

To remove the water contained in various substances vrednaja fish, you can add a special aquarium conditioning.

– Now it’s time to turn on the compressor, filters and temperature controller. In this state, the tank should survive a week at water temperatures less than 26 degrees.

– When water settles, disconnect the filter, fill artificial sea salt (37 grams in 1 liter) and with a compressor to mix the water.

In another capacity it is necessary to prepare salt solution of high concentration, using 55-70 grams sea salt in 1 liter of water. The volume of the solution should be close to the missing water level in the tank.

Make sure the salt is completely dissolved and the hydrometer measure the density in the tank and in the aquarium.

Take the siphon and collect the salt residue from the bottom.

– Only now you can cover ground and complete the decoration of the aquarium. If necessary, top up with fresh water or concentrated solution, bring up to the standard level – density should be 1’022-1’024 g/l.

To stand salt water at least weeks. 3-4 days should include a filter with activated carbon and column which will separate the foam. You can make the first portion of the bacterial preparation, to establish a “living stones”.

– Now you need to make sure to normal water density, the presence of a neutral environment and a moderate content of ammonium and nitrite (up to 0.5 mg per liter).

If this figure is above normal, it means the aquarium is still ongoing the process of rotting organic matter. Most likely, in water there is some stuff that you need to find and remove. You can also try to raise the temperature and make a special drug that will speed up the decomposition process.

– If all is normal, after the temperature has become equal to 26°C in the aquarium to launch the first fish. This should be done very carefully. Because the biofilter is still no bacteria in sufficient quantity.

The most stable and robust to the external environment are Moray eels, groupers, abudefduf ordinary, distill-Zebra, yellow zebrasoma, crabs, hermit crabs. These fish and will be settled in the aquarium very first.

Less stable are the black-striped zebrasoma, triggerfish, sapphire chrysiptera, clown fish large species, lionfish, and some other species (which can be found in the pet store).

– After the biofilter will work in normal mode, you should gradually increase the population of the aquarium.

It should also take into account the fact that the fish, who settled first will be to consider themselves “masters of the aquarium” and to show to newcomers aggressive attitude. Therefore, the sequence of launch of new inhabitants in the aquarium to vary depending on chasnosti, aggressiveness of the fish and their sizes.

– Now begins the most difficult period in the life of the aquarium. Due to the fact that the population of the bacteria of the biofilter is not yet complete, the water quality gradually decreases. Therefore it is required to monitor the level of ammonium and nitrites and time to adjust.

– No more than once a week, you can add into the aquarium new fish. But should do so only when the level of harmful substances (nitrite and ammonium) not more than 0.5 mg per liter!

– After all preparations can safely be run in saltwater aquarium latest fish. If the level of harmful substances amounted to less than 0.1 mg per litre – are you a experienced aquariumforum and the launch phase is considered successfully completed. But keep in mind that the final balance of your aquarium is established only after 3-5 months.

If you have a UV sterilizer will turn on, but the ozonator be careful. When his clumsy operation, it may harm aquarium inhabitants.

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