Sea secrets

12. What is the jellyfish, common in the Black and Azov seas, burning like nettles? ( Kornerot, or Hrizostom .)

13. What Medusa has much more victims than any shark? ( Sea wasp – Hironex from the squad Fleckeri Jellyfish. Occurs in the Great Barrier reef of Australia. Bell diameter up to 4,5 cm Usually “stung” her people are killed in a few minutes. The sea wasp venom affects the nervous system, leads to paralysis of the heart.

15. In some cases, predatory polychaetes dangerous to humans? ( Chitinous hook, with a serrated inner edge of the jaws of carnivorous polychaetes associated with venomous glands. Polychaetes may also have parapodia with poisonous bristles. Suffer from them most often fishermen, brought out the trawl catch. At a strong poisoning there is a sharp pain and swelling in the arms, appear headache, nausea.

16. In any case, some edible bivalves can be poisonous? ( If their tissues are developing certain bacteria or accumulate toxic substances.

17. What mollusk is called the “blue death”? ( Small (20 cm, 100 g) Hapalochaena octopus maculosa, which lives in the coastal areas of the tropical zone of the Pacific and Indian oceans. In the excited state it is covered with bright blue spots. Salivary glands of octopus have venom neurotoxins acting simultaneously on the nervous and muscular system. The bite of this clam privided paralysis of the respiratory muscles . Continue reading

Caution! Dangerous marine animals

Going on a voyage? Want to dive in the warm sea? Don’t forget about your own safety – take the road useful book! It will help you avoid trouble and painful surprises underwater! The unique book in Russian:

The book tells about the dangerous marine animals, able to cause pain, to impair health and even lead to death. The book deals with their appearance, biology, behavior, life cycle, habitat, ways of protection and prevention of attacks, as well as the basics of first aid in case of defeat. Each Chapter is devoted to dangerous animals of a certain type and flowing down thrusting poisonous creatures, passive-poisonous dwellers, predators, etc. In a separate Chapter conducted a thematic review of the most popular seaside resorts as risk areas. The book is richly illustrated and shows the inhabitants of the Ocean, which are of concern to both divers and simple bathers.

The book is intended primarily for divers and tourists travelling to rest at the warm sea, but also anyone interested in the underwater world.

Cost: 250 rubles

This wonderful world is not so harmless!

Plunging under the water, we find ourselves in a different environment, where everything is not like on the surface. Even the usual vital functions and sensations esmeraldabrody follows: what is natural on the earth, it is difficult or even impossible under water – after all, to move, to breathe, to look and listen, we can only with the help of special equipment. Continue reading

Moray is one of the most interesting and controversial fish

Moray — a large snake-like fish known for its toxicity and aggressive nature. In fact, many facts about Moray eels are greatly exaggerated. Almost 200 species of Moray eels are United in the family marinovich. These fish are the closest relatives of the other serpentine fish — eels.

Chernetchina Moray eel (Gymnothorax fimbriatus).
All kinds of Moray eels have large sizes: the smallest reach a length of 60 cm and weigh 8-10 kg, and the world’s largest giant Moray eel (Thyrsoidea macrura) reaches a length of 3.75 m and weighs up to 40 kg! The body of the eels disproportionately long, slightly flattened laterally, but not quite flat. The back of the body looks thinner, and the middle and anterior portion of trunk slightly thickened, the Moray eel resembles a giant leech. The pectoral fins of these fish are absent, but dorsal fin extends along the entire length of the body. However, you can see the Moray eel in all its glory can be very few, in most cases, her body hidden in the crevices of the rocks, and only the head sticking out.

Mediterranean Moray (Muraena helena) are reminiscent of the giant leeches.
It was she, more than any other part of the body, makes the Moray eel resembles a snake. The muzzle is elongated Moray with an evil look in her eyes, her mouth almost always open, and in it one could see large sharp teeth. This unflattering portrait was the reason to blame the Moray in the serpent’s deceit and aggression. In fact, the expression of the eyes in Moray is not so much evil, how many frozen, because these fish zasadniczy spending much time in waiting for prey. Continue reading

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