Features of sea fishing.

This year I had spring fishing in Cyprus. In may here have begun the tourist season and already swimming in a sea of tourists. But, even passing a number of divers do not disturb the fishing. The fish in the sea doesn’t go far from their habitat, and just hides in the rocks and cliffs at the approach of man. I had to see while Snorkelling, as flocks of pretty big fish is rapidly rushing between the legs of the people bathing in search of food. Cypriots joke that this fish put on a show to attract tourists! To see the amazing underwater inhabitants do not need scuba gear! While Snorkelling at a depth of no more than two meters, I am able to watch the life of underwater inhabitants in their natural environment. I saw two small fish chased away from the place of residence of the approaching fish parrot. Observed from a distance of no more than 1 metre in hunting the Barracuda. Admired the leisurely life of sea urchins and sea stars. And to describe the beauty of venomous snakes, glaring in the sun, not possible. Their emerald ultramarine body with road legs under water, looks like swimmers lost jewel. But I think I got carried away… Back to the specifics of fishing in the Mediterranean sea.

Fishing from shore can be literally anywhere! And it does not matter on what depth you will catch. Even at a depth of 0.5 meters I was able to catch the delicious kurkun. But when fishing at a depth of more than two meters I was just shocked attack my bait BULLS. For all of my fishing in Cyprus, I have never come across gobies and I naively believed that in the Mediterranean there is this ubiquitous fish. Continue reading

How to cook soup at home

Amber and fragrant ear. How to cook it at home?

Of course, a real, full-fledged ear requires a fire, smoked pot, free wind, icy glasses of vodka and leisurely fishing of the conversation. However, as long as the topic of “how to cook soup at home?” remains open, we dare to offer a few recipes, which is not guaranteed neither the fire nor the free wind, but in terms of cooking cooking is quality meals, not at all inferior to “real”. To cook in blackened by the smoke of fires the boiler or in “tatarovsky” pan, use your ear under a shot of vodka or without it, let everyone decides on his own understanding.

Prepare soup from marine fish

The ear of marine fish and river – serves a fundamentally different, although similar in cooking technology. Therefore, there is a reason to the reader the recipe of these dishes separately.

For a fish soup made from sea fish, is very suitable:

any red fish (first and foremost);


sea bass.

Fatty types of fish (mackerel, herring, herring, cod, etc.) insert in your ear is absolutely not recommended, as the taste of fish oil will score all the other smells, and you’ll have fish soup and not the ear. As well as not very desirable sea-fish to mix with the river, except maybe the sturgeon, and then only in very small quantities. Continue reading

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The fish in the garden pond.
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