Aquarium fish living in the upper layers of wate

Aquarium fish — ornamental fish. which are contained in the aquariums. Aquarium fish originate from China. The Chinese began to breed aquarium fish since 2000 BC.

The content

The family of aquarium fish

To aquarium fish are fish of the following families:

Dwelling in natural conditions

The majority of aquarium fish in natural conditions live in tropical and subtropical freshwater reservoirs, so when artificial content of some of the fish needed the sea water, relatively high water temperature is roughly equivalent to room temperature of the aquarium.

The aquarium and aquarium equipment

The preferred fish for an aquarium is rectangular in shape, round is valid if the volume of the aquarium is 200 L. the Form is important to adequately represent the fish about space. The content of fish in the aquarium-the glass often leads to death, not because of lack of water and due to nervous disease, caused by the shape of the aquarium [ citation 787 days ] . Continue reading

Hammerhead sharks

Class – Cartilaginous fish / subclass – Plasminogene fish (Elasmobranchii) / Superorder Sharks (Selach)

History of the study

The history of the evolution of hammerhead sharks has been very successful. In our days it is one of the most common shark species in the world, and in some places they’re just going in astounding quantities. Hundreds of individuals run around seamounts.

Few other species of sharks form such large flocks. This is one of the greatest mysteries of the ocean. Why are so many of these sharks gathered in one place, at one time. Oddly enough, in these large schools the majority are female, and we don’t yet know why this happens.


Widely distributed in tropical and temperate waters of all oceans, except, of course, the Arctic. Most commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean sea, near Hawaii, Philippines, New Zealand and many other seas of warm and temperate latitudes.

Hammerhead shark is truly one of the most unusual sharks. Her appearance seems truly alien, but it is quite common in tropical seas around the world.

When you look at the shark hammer head there is just one question – why this animal has this kind of pharmagology? What is it? And how it appeared? After all, nature creates freaks. And if it generates by mistake, they can not compete with “normal” types and die. All the more strange that there are many types of hammerhead sharks of all shapes and sizes, at least 9 different species. Surely nature could make so many mistakes and “give birth” so many freaks, well there are millions of years?! Continue reading

Poisonous sea creatures

Health. Poisonous sea creatures
Rest on the sea, and especially on the ocean side is always very attractive. And doubly in uncharted territory. But the water element can become a trap for man. People are afraid of sharks, but don’t know anything about poisonous aquatics – sea creatures, touching which can cause toxic shock or paralysis.

In a light it will burn, after which there can remain a scar. Victims of poisonous aquatics can become naive nature-lovers, who, wearing a mask and flippers, jump into the depths of the sea or ocean without a wetsuit. Very helpful first learn about what sea creatures live there. In tropical seas often on the whole water area covers a quarantine regime because of the approach to the shore dangerous for a man of aquatics or aquatic organisms. Better to meet these requirements.

Poisonous sea creatures

1. Jellyfish and siphonophora physalia
Jellyfish are marine invertebrates that live in all the seas and oceans. There are more than 2,000 species of jellyfish, of which approximately 70 are dangerous to humans, a collision with them causes severe burns and may even cause a lethal outcome. The severity of the burns of jellyfish varies and depends on individual to individual. It may just be a burning sensation or pain that last from a few minutes to several hours. But someone may develop anaphylactic shock due to the intolerance of the toxin of jellyfish. The most dangerous type of jellyfish is the box jellyfish. It has a distinctive cube-shaped body. Burn this jellyfish causes severe intoxication and dermatitis, and possible death. The most dangerous of the jellyfish, Sahika barnesu and Carybdea alata, have another name – the sea wasp. It is a small jellyfish that live at great depths, but their powerful tentacles they are even capable of penetrating a wetsuit. Continue reading

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