The fish in the garden pond.

Outdoor open ponds, which are becoming increasingly popular among vacationers and simply living in the countryside, in winter, of course, freeze. Tightly and freeze. Thick, sometimes almost a foot of ice covers the access of air to the water. Meanwhile, these reservoirs are very densely inhabited by any living creatures. At least – that all sorts of beetles and larvae of dragonflies. In the waters find shelter for the winter frog. And how high is this fish wild or ornamental, sometimes very expensive. And all of them, even those who is in a state of winter hibernation, the necessary oxygen in the water.

Everyone knows that for example carp winter after he buried into the bottom mud. And seemingly no Zamora they are not afraid. But it is in nature, in large enough bodies of water. In the same garden ponds and pools, which are usually overpopulated and aren’t many (if any), and the amount of water attributed to each individual fish is much smaller. And then there appear uncontrolled parasite – frog, and others, also consuming oxygen. In General, in winter under the ice even sleeping goldfish is not sweet. What can we say about the fish, not falling into the hibernation. For example, the roach, the perch and others. As such, playful and not shy fish are a summer decoration of the water, playing at its surface, collecting the fallen insects. Petomane to protect from winter Zamora.

In order to protect the fish from Zamora, it is necessary to ensure the flow of oxygen in the water. Or rather, to ensure contact of water and air, at least in a small area of several square decimeters. I.e. to arrange in a frozen pond wormwood. This can be done in several ways. Continue reading

White shark took a fancy to the Mediterranean sea

The white shark. or Carcharodon carcharias is the largest dangerous predator of modern sharks. Reaching sizes up to 6 meters in length and weights 2 tons, this bloodthirsty salahiya leaves no chance to rescue anyone.

Carcharodon prefers coastal waters of the continental shelf, where a higher temperature. However, for some populations the waters of the Mediterranean sea is a place of their periodic stay.

It would seem that this sea is considered one of the safest. Should I be afraid of white sharks in the Mediterranean and behave as predators in these warm waters? Let’s face it.

Watch the video “the largest and Most predatory fish – great white shark-killer”:

Is it possible to catch white sharks at popular resorts?

The Mediterranean sea connects with the Atlantic ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar. And in the waters, according to recent reports, the number of “indigenous” populations of white sharks has decreased threefold. Unregulated illegal fishing of carcharodon, as a source of delicious food – the fins, the fat, the liver – led to the fact that white sharks in the Mediterranean are on the verge of extinction.

This can lead to katastroficheskie in all the aquatic systems, because this species plays a significant role in the regulation of the number of inhabitants of the local fauna.

However, nature has taken care of its formidable watch the balance in the ecosystem. Right now, the cases of migration of man-eating sharks from the Atlantic ocean – albeit slowly, but they restore their numbers. Continue reading

Moray is one of the most interesting and controversial fish

Moray — a large snake-like fish known for its toxicity and aggressive nature. In fact, many facts about Moray eels are greatly exaggerated. Almost 200 species of Moray eels are United in the family marinovich. These fish are the closest relatives of the other serpentine fish — eels.

Chernetchina Moray eel (Gymnothorax fimbriatus).
All kinds of Moray eels have large sizes: the smallest reach a length of 60 cm and weigh 8-10 kg, and the world’s largest giant Moray eel (Thyrsoidea macrura) reaches a length of 3.75 m and weighs up to 40 kg! The body of the eels disproportionately long, slightly flattened laterally, but not quite flat. The back of the body looks thinner, and the middle and anterior portion of trunk slightly thickened, the Moray eel resembles a giant leech. The pectoral fins of these fish are absent, but dorsal fin extends along the entire length of the body. However, you can see the Moray eel in all its glory can be very few, in most cases, her body hidden in the crevices of the rocks, and only the head sticking out.

Mediterranean Moray (Muraena helena) are reminiscent of the giant leeches.
It was she, more than any other part of the body, makes the Moray eel resembles a snake. The muzzle is elongated Moray with an evil look in her eyes, her mouth almost always open, and in it one could see large sharp teeth. This unflattering portrait was the reason to blame the Moray in the serpent’s deceit and aggression. In fact, the expression of the eyes in Moray is not so much evil, how many frozen, because these fish zasadniczy spending much time in waiting for prey. Continue reading

Aquarium fish living in the upper layers of wate
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The fish in the garden pond.
Outdoor open ponds, which are becoming increasingly popular among vacationers and simply living in the countryside, in winter, of course, freeze. Tightly and freeze. Thick, sometimes almost a foot of…

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The aquarium as a piece of art
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