Killer jellyfish

The legend of the Gorgon says: once lived on earth three sisters, – Euryale, and Medusa Spheno. Older sisters could not be killed, and only Medusa was mortal. They lived close to the gardens of the Hesperides, in an island in the ocean where no one knows the road.

The audacity and vanity of the sisters were cursed by the gods, who turned beautiful women into winged monsters. Instead of hair on the head of the Gorgon writhed and hissed venomous snakes. their bodies covered scales, and from his mouth protruded fangs. They look awful turned anyone into stone. Gorgon continually floated through the air, and tore everyone in sight to pieces.

The gods came to help Perseus, when he went to get the Gorgon’s head. Hermes gave him his sword, and Athena gave the hero a brilliant copper shield. Once the head of the Gorgon was Perseus, her sisters wanted to avenge the Jellyfish. But thanks to the magic helmet, bestowing its possessor invisibility, Perseus disappeared.

In marine waters inhabited by many creatures, which, unlike mythical creatures represent a very specific threat to health and life. One of these creatures – jellyfish, the sea wasp killer. And in fact, to touch it is like to see the Gorgon’s head.

How dangerous is sea wasp?

The poison of this creature of nastolatki that with one dose can kill 60 people. Usually the sea wasp strikes its victim at once, to paralyze her and cause extensive contamination. This inhabitant of the seas far more dangerous shark because after seeing sharks, people sometimes survive. And the poison of the jellyfish killers and modern medicine is powerless.

The main habitat of the jellyfish called sea wasps, is on the Northern coast of Australia. Not even swim to the depth of the person at risk to encounter this creature. The girl, wandering in the water no more than 10 metres from the shore, died in a minute after was bitten in the leg. Experienced people know that swimming in these waters in a calm and cloudless day is dangerous – tide makes the sea to the shore of the OS.

The poison produced by the jellyfish – killer, leading to extensive contamination of the body. At first the skin turns red, and the point of contact instantly swells. Body temperature rises sharply, victim of the poison suffers excruciating pain. A person affected by sea wasp, often killed by complete paralysis of the respiratory tract. But not always, the Medusa killer kill his victim instantly. Sometimes the agony lasts up to 10 – 12 hours, it is accompanied by heart failure.

Despite the fact that the sea wasp jellyfish is relatively small, its tentacles can grow to 1.5 meters, and weight reaches 3 kg. it is Very difficult to avoid a collision with this creature, as the Medusa killer is virtually invisible in water. Usually the sea wasp holds in the shaded areas of the shoreline. Each year from the venom of these jellyfish killed about 20 people.

Jellyfish – Cyanea

Not as dangerous as Medusa – the killer sea wasp, but also can cause serious poisoning. The bell creature reaches a size of 2.5 meters and the tentacles increase to 30! meters. This jellyfish often seen in tropical waters of the Atlantic.

It should be noted that ziana many sticky tentacles formed in 8 groups. In one group of 65 to 150 tentacles. The color of jellyfish depends on its size. Small specimens have a slightly orange or flesh-colour, and large purple or bright pink shade.

The size of the largest Arctic jellyfish thrown in 1870 on the coast of North America, which amounted to 36.5 meters. Thus, this sample was larger than a blue whale, which is considered to be the largest animals on the planet.

The killer jellyfish – the Portuguese ship

Despite the fact that this jellyfish has pretty bright colors, to see her is quite difficult. Touching the Portuguese boat causes a sharp pain, as from electric shock or whip. The venom of this jellyfish killer is similar in its action to the venom of cobras, although Portuguese ship less dangerous than sea wasp.

The consequences of contact with jellyfish – inflammation wounds and lingering pain of the burn. May develop other symptoms – chills, nausea, muscle twitching and vomiting. In the event of a collision with this creature should as soon as possible consult a doctor.

What to do if you encounter a jellyfish

1. It should be remembered that in the quiescent state, the jellyfish keep their tentacles. which can stretch out to great distances. It is possible to circumvent them by the largest possible radius.

2. After the storm you should not go into the water – there may be fragments of tentacles of jellyfish.

3. If you are stung by a jellyfish you need to clean the wound with salt water. Freshwater use is strictly prohibited – it only activates the stinging cells. Also, you cannot RUB the skin.

4. To relieve the pain will help wash the affected areas with vinegar, alcohol or ammonia. If the skin is stuck to the tentacles, then you should remove them, not with bare hands!

5. To remove the tentacles can wrap the hand towel or to cover the affected area with sand and scrape the mixture with a knife, credit card or other object.

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