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What is the aquarium? This is the most common type of vivarium 1. Typically the aquarium is made of glass or transparent plastic. With fish and plants, invertebrates, molluscs and plants, the aquarist creates a private area of the underwater world and supports its living state.

Previously, under the aquarium knew the dishes for storage of various liquid preparations. In a vessel put the various bottles and kegs which were stored in water. In England the term “aquarium” refers to the dishes for the maintenance of aquatic plants, but not animals. The modern concept of aquariums has been formed in the XIX century.

The General public, the aquarium was presented in 1851 at the world exhibition in London, and the term “aquarium” was proposed by the English naturalist Philip Henry Gosse in his book “the Naturalist on the coast of Devonshire”. The book enjoyed great popularity. With the release of his book “the Aquarium: Wonders of the deep sea” it has become fashionable to keep exotic tropical fish and other animals in the house.

The development of the aquarium over the next 100 years is primarily due to the understanding that the aquarium without adequate chemical and technical support can not provide a comfortable environment for fish and plants. Understanding biological and chemical processes occurring in the aquarium, helped to create a more complex aquarium filters,improved lighting systems, etc. Along with this decreased and the cost of equipment. Adequate price on aquarium equipment has made this hobby available to the majority of the population.

Until the mid-XX century, the aquarium made of normal glass, which was connected by special metal corners. Such aquariums can leak, due to improper operation, and also after some time. With the development of silicone glue aquariums got rid of the metal frame, and made possible the creation of aquariums of any size and shape. Modern aquariums come in various shapes – regular rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, convex on one side, square, etc.

Classification aquariums

Aquariums can be classified in a number of different criteria. First, the emphasis in classification is given to the temperature of the water, which contained aquarium inhabitants. Nowadays aquariums are classified primarily on the composition of water and dissolved components.

1. Freshwater aquarium

Freshwater aquarium water, as a rule, not podsalivaya. Therefore, the inhabitants choose freshwater fish. All freshwater aquariums can be divided into two large groups – the pseudo-sea and Dutch .

In the pseudo-Maritime, the focus is on fish. It is not very many plants, and as the skins use various rocks and driftwood.

In the Dutch aquarium . on the contrary, the emphasis on plants. It is very dense planting. No fish at all, or very few of them. Choose fish that don’t eat plants. In Dutch aquariums use more expensive and sophisticated equipment – light plant, the system supplying carbon dioxide, fertilizers and so on.

2. Marine aquarium

In a marine aquarium even more sophisticated equipment. It can maintain a certain status. The water in the aquarium is continuously circulated, creating the effect of the current which is necessary for most inhabitants of a marine aquarium. Instead of water change used special equipment that cleans.

Marine aquariums can be divided into two subgroups – fishery marine aquarium inhabited mainly fish.

In the reef aquarium the emphasis is on marine invertebrates.

The aquarium

Aquaria is a popular hobby associated with keeping and breeding freshwater and marine fish in the home aquarium or garden. Although the aquarium has important scientific and commercial value, first of all it is a hobby that millions of people around the world.

Anyone who has their own aquarium, has some experience, which helps him in the maintenance of their living area. Someone has already so often started the aquarium that can get to “work” even 5-liter jar. Someone successfully breeds rare fish, to achieve spawning, which is very difficult. Someone live well and bloom underwater plants.

But for a beginner zadanie own aquarium often leads to failure. Now there is a huge amount of specialized literature, which should help the novice, and the Internet is full of sites aquarium theme. But still, not everyone can have their own beautiful, well maintained, healthy aquarium. And it’s not that the content requires some Herculean effort. The fact that this hobby will bring joy only when you will give him as much time as you need.

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