Guide to the 10 greatest aquariums on the planet

,In the XXI century, and this means that everyone can afford to see the underwater world. On land, too many interesting, exotic creatures living there, where people started to come down only in the last half-century, much more attractive.

It took four thousand years to the aquariums have gone from small ponds and pools to bottles and homemade mini-aquariums, and then stepped up to the gigantic structures of the size of a house.

The world is full of such miracles, but only 10 were in the list of the biggest.

1. London. Building Of Heron International

In the lobby, built the largest private aquarium in Europe – its capacity is 70 thousand liters, and in it lives more than 1,200 tropical fish. They are specially brought from the island to the North of Australia.

The aquarium is made and glued in the USA and in the UK are delivered by sea. The ship couldn’t go under bridges because of the height of the aquarium is 4 meters, so the giant had to lay on its side in a special protective cage.

After installing the aquarium in the building for several months there were works on installation of systems and scenery.

2. Berlin. “The aquadome” in a five-star hotel Radisson SAS

The world’s largest cylindrical aquarium with a volume of 900 thousand liters hotel at a cost of 13 million euros. But it’s definitely worth it:every year many tourists come to admire this aquarium.

Its height is 25 meters, diameter – 11 meters, it is built around the shaft of an Elevator, and anyone can ride up and down and look at 2600 fish in the water.

Many of our rooms have Windows and balconies overlooking the aquarium, guests like it very much.

The equipment of the aquarium is a separate room and resembles a real mini-water treatment plant.

3. Lithuania, Kaunas. Aquarium in a modern shopping centre AB Baltic Aquarium

The largest aquarium in Eastern Europe, one of the largest regional projects of the Baltic States. It is set on the ground floor between the escalators, 500 thousand people live within a 15-minute walk away, and about 1.1 million within an hour – a third of the population of Lithuania.

The height and width of the aquarium is 10 meters, width is 4 m with a volume of 163 thousand liters and weighs 49 tons. In it lives more than 800 fishes from the tropical seas, Indian and Pacific oceans, but the main attractions are 6 of these reef sharks. By the way, they easily get along with their peace-loving neighbours.

4. Las Vegas, NV. The aquarium in the lobby of the hotel “Mandalay Bay”

During the construction of the aquarium was taken into account the requirement of the customer was here necessarily had to be able to contain the sharks. So the aquarium made large enough: a footprint of 4.5 meters, height – 3 meters.

The hotel has several aquarium complexes with exotic animals like crocodiles and monitor lizards from the Komodo island. Guests can admire them, walking on the tunnel transitions between the rooms.

5. The network of cafe “the rainforest”

In these cafes do not go for a delicious meal. Each of them has two aquariums: one arched, large, with two aisles, adorns the entrance, and the second, slightly smaller, stands in the hall. Both are decorated in the style of coral reefs in miniature. Simulate rock wall and tropical vegetation, sitting on the branches colorful hanging parrots and pythons. So that visitors do not forget to empty their plates at the cafe the birds sing. They say it improves the appetite.

6. Prague. Marine aquarium in the Gallery Butovice

This aquarium complex was the largest in Eastern Europe before the emergence of the Lithuanian giant. In the Prague multiplex two aquariums with a total weight of 108 tonnes and a capacity of 75 thousand litres each. They live in tropical fish, including bright fish-angels. Veneer aquariums decorated with silk pattern to fit the style of the building.

7. Las Vegas, NV. The aquarium in the lobby of the casino “Silverton”

Tell any taxi driver Las Vegas “Silverton” and it will take you here – this is the most famous place in the city of angels. In an aquarium with a volume of 430 thousand liters of several thousand live tropical fish, there are stingrays and sharks. Three times a day at the aquarium down the mermaids to feed the fish, and then they come out and answer questions from the audience is dressed as divers.

8. Florida. The aquarium in the casino, Gulfstream Racetrack

In many casinos established aquariums to relax and calm the visitors, but this aquarium is the largest in the state. It is made of solid acrylic tubes and has a capacity of 52 thousand liters of water. Tubes for its circulation and equipment hidden in the scenery depicting a coral reef.

9. California. Aquarium in a private home

“Why not get rid of extra walls in the house?” thought one of the residents of the state and replaced the partition between the bar and home pool aquarium. Now from home it seems that swimmers elbows hurt the fish and corals.

This is a pretty original idea: before the tank was installed to replace the wall facing the beach. Moreover, it seemed that the horizon frolic in the water beautiful fish.

10. Moscow. Marine aquarium on Clean ponds

Muscovites had long been jealous of cities that have large aquariums. Now in the capital there were 20-ton aquarium with a live coral reef. Corals for him raised on a special farm on the island of Bali, and the fish, shellfish and vegetation gathered from all over the world. Only here you can see real stingrays, jellyfish and eels.

Another pride of the Moscow Oceanarium on Chistoprudny Boulevard – circular bathyscaphe with a pack of sharks. Twice a week people can visit the show of feeding.

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