Fishing for carp picker on the pond

Recently a large number of fishermen devote their attention to fishing for carp on the feeder from the shore. Fishing for carp on the picker on the pond no less popular than fishing for carp on a match or a fishing-rod.

Carp — fish finicky. Therefore, in the preparation of bait need to be very careful with the addition of flavorings. Better if your baits in the industrial preparation at least.

Indeed, in the case of an outgoing smell, even if it worked fine on the previous fishing trip, which today he does not enjoy, from fishing, you can not return solo nahlebalsya. Therefore, it is not the initial stage, the bait should not aromatize, and add a spray to each feeder to find out his addiction to this day.

Bait for carp

The bait should be thoroughly mixed, continuously adding a small amount of water. As usual, bait for catching carp to initially swell and absorbs moisture, while it is necessary to engage the gear.

In the first place, you need to examine the pond that understand where are the best places to search for carp on a pond. If you have no marker rods, the initial soundings of the bottom can be done with a feeder. Usually, reservoirs are career type. It is necessary in such reservoirs to find any debuggable drop off, and fish around it.

Once defined the place of fishing, you can proceed to the second phase of bait. By this time she already swell. Check it out as bait crumbly. It should be remembered that at the initial stage, need more dry bait, so she immediately spilled from the trough. If you have Pets nozzle maggots and bloodworms, be sure to add a small portion. They will additionally attract carp, and, additionally, faster will destroy the ball of bait on the bottom.

Feeding fishing

If Zagorska place is a sinecure, you go ahead. Ate the same place is not far, and feeding will be carried out with the hands that much faster, then the bait needs to be moistened so that it clung well to the balls. At the same time, when hitting the water or getting to the bottom, quickly destroyed. After this zakorka you can use a small feeder and catch the picker.

Before feeding, you can use half the bait, so you do not scare the carp – he’s shy, and maybe after the new portion of the bombing to leave the fishery. Lepim balls, and do feeding, creating active feeding spot. Sculpt the balls with different force that destroyed some faster and others more slowly. Make 5-6 balls the size of a small orange and start feeding. Fill up the bird feeder with the picker to the point of catching and throwing a portion of the balls. Now we can only wait for the bite.

Nozzle and bait for carp

Catching carp picker the lead with this bait for maggots, or mix it with bloodworms. After a few casts you can start to experiment with spray – flavors.

There are some secrets to catching carp. and it is known that the carp behave carefully. This can be determined by savelevskaya barely the tip of the picker. To get him to bite, you need to try different smells. Cannot be such that not have given some of them preference. And nozzle need to be bigger is better. Definitely along boiled Hercules take maggots, worm, corn and bloodworms – these are all bait must be, especially if you have to catch on a paid pond.

Bait should stand out zakormlen place and consist of the same components as the bait. Therefore, in each hopper additionally add a few larvae maggots, if catching occurs on it. Then, on the background of the feeding spot will be small bunch of wiggling maggots. By such no carp by not will float, and will definitely pay attention to this, which appeared from nowhere miracle table.

If after the second or third cast takes on the picker will not, then you need to look for the desired smell and flavor of a spray or dip. He can not take the whole day, until he hits him with some tutti Frutti. Picerne small feeders, feed lots do not require, and the smell will work. A long time between casts do not allow. 3 – 5 minutes is enough. As soon as the bite, try to consolidate the success of the same flavor.

If the carp are not biting, and butting of the tip occurs, it’s possible not come, the time of biting. But the poking of the rod tip will indicate that the carp in bait.

After casting the trough at the stern leash on the spot. Feed from the trough puzyrit, thanks to feed the maggots, and collapses. The distance between the feeder and nozzle – the length of the leash. 30-40 seconds later pull the attachment from the leash to tame the bird feeder. This stimulates the fish to pay attention in her shift.

A little bit about gear. When fishing on the picker uses 2.4 GHz – 3M rod with a test of up to 40 grams, lightweight feeder 2000-2500 reel, mono line 0.12 mm or 0.10 mm cord and hook No. 16. Carp has a small mouth, so the hook when fishing on the picker is enough. The trough weight 10 to 20 grams.

Carp – fish whimsical. How to catch carp on the picker is now known. It remains only to apply the knowledge. Get caught, so you know its catching, I don’t, I will spoil and frazzle your nerves.

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