Fish of the Black sea

Fish of the Black sea – a total of 193 species. About all we will not speak. But some of the fish species of the Black sea is worth mentioning.

The mullet is a genus of fish of the family of mullets, numbering two kinds. This valuable little food fish reaches a length of 40 cm red mullet are Distinguished by the presence of long “whiskers” on the lower jaw, which muddies the sand on the sea bottom and catching small animals. Live in the Mediterranean and adjacent seas. Fishing for red mullet .

Goatfish or red mullet

Kalkan, the largest black sea flatfish, reaches a length of over 70 cm and a weight of 12-16 kg. more Dark spin Kalkan (formerly the left side) covered with numerous bony tubercles. Hard skin fish owes its name to the Turkish word “Kalkan” means a shield with additional protection, umbono. Kalkan inhabits sandy and Shelly soils of the seabed. Winter and summer it is the depth, in spring and autumn makes a small migration and moves to shallow water. It spawns from April to July. Feeds on demersal fish and crabs. The body flounders glosses covered with scales. Eyes, unlike Kalkan, moved to the right side. Length of Glossa is not more than 30 cm.

Spiny dogfish – a small shark. Called also dogfish. It customizat black shark, but this is incorrect because spiny dogfish inhabits the waters of the Atlantic ocean and many of its seas. The fish reaches up to 2 m long and weight up to 15 kg. unlike many of their relatives does not represent any danger.

Sharks are one of the oldest fish, having no bony skeleton. Like many other sharks, the spiny dogfish is a predator. Lives in the coastal zone of the sea, at the bottom. It feeds on small fish, molluscs and crustaceans. By the way, Katran – object fishery and the fishermen caught less, so that the danger, as usual, comes not from animals but from humans. Like other sharks, spiny dogfish is a viviparous fish. The female gives birth to 10-12 pups with a length of about 30 cm, but they become only older through 13 to 17 years.

Salmon and trout

In the Black sea there are some species of salmon to spawn in the Crimean rivers comes only trout. This kind of salmon lives in coastal waters of seas of the Atlantic ocean, and spawns only in the rivers of the basin of these seas. The name of the brown trout taken through the Karelian from Sami. Trout has not only isolated, but also freshwater forms, which are called trout. The Russian name is borrowed from German through verhneuralskogo. The bushing shapes brown trout reach a length of 1 m weight – 13 kg. fresh-water forms, or trout, are characterized by significantly smaller dimensions. Trout differs from a passing shape in the smaller sizes, the color, the shape of the spots and their location. In addition, she conducts life cycle in fresh water. Therefore, some ichthyologists believe trout is only a variation of brown trout, others distinguish it as a separate species or even several species.

The fact that the trout, in turn, is divided into lake and stream. Brook trout lives in fast flowing rivers and streams. It is extremely demanding to the purity of water and its saturation with oxygen. Externally characterized by having black and red spots on the back, encircled with a bright rim, and a relatively small size – weight usually does not exceed 300-400 grams. Therefore, some researchers distinguish it as a separate species. This trout is called trout also variegated, and besides has many local names. Brown trout are less demanding to the purity of water and its saturation with oxygen. It is often grown in specialist nurseries. Characterized by the presence of black spots in the shape of the letter X and a broad iridescent stripe along the lateral line. Brown trout is characterized by an intermediate size between continuous forms and trout. This is also known as rainbow trout.

Lofar – sea fishing a predatory fish of the same family squad okuneobraznyh. The Russian name is borrowed from modern Greek, has the same meaning and derives from the Turkish – tuna. In the Black sea lofar grows, it feeds and spawns in the northwestern part. Spawning occurs from June to September.

Live 8-9 years, reaching weights of 15 kg and 115 cm. lengths of the fish Body laterally elongated, mouth large, jaws large, with sharp teeth. Leads gregarious lifestyle. Feeds exclusively on fish, mostly mackerel. Has high culinary properties. Serves as a commercial and sport fishing. Fishing is conducted in waters South Atlantic and Indian oceans, in the Black and Azov seas.

Swordfish in the Black sea

This large fishing saltwater fish – only species and genus of the same family squad okuneobraznyh. Is 4 m long and weigh 500 kg, but caught specimens weighing 100-120 kg are considered large enough.

Lives mainly in tropical waters, but single individuals were observed during migration are found in the Azov, Barents, Black, and Japanese seas. Object hunting and sport fishing. Has high culinary quality. The name describes the sword – long outgrowth on the upper jaw, which improves hydrodynamic properties of fish and allowing it to reach speeds up to 90 km/h.

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