Beijing zoo and aquarium

Beijing zoo is one of the most visited places in China. This is a beautiful zoo in the Western part of the country’s capital, Beijing. The popularity he gained as a Park the Western Suburbs, when he founded people’s Republic of China. It should be noted that the area presents zoo has the appearance of a classical Chinese garden.

This is the only place you can see a unique combination of natural thickets of plants, together with artificial vegetation of flowers and a small stream, dense groves of trees, Lotus ponds, stretches of meadows, small hills that littered the enclosures and pavilions. Basically, in this zoo, you can see wild and rare animals. Among the animals of the zoo, you can select a giant Panda, Sichuan Golden monkey Korotkova, polar bears from the North pole, Manchurian tigers, huge sea turtles, kangaroos from Australia, Tibetan yaks and many other animals.

It is worth noting that the Beijing zoo is also a center for Zoological research in the cultivation and study of fairly rare animals from different parts of the world. Each year, this wonderful zoo is visited by a huge number of tourists. The structure of the Beijing zoo covers a very large area (about fifty thousand square meters), with a pavilion including elephants, monkeys, aviary, cages of lions and tigers, pandas pavilion and much more.

At the zoo is thirty large structures. Exposition Beijing zoo covers not only the amazing variety of beautiful wildlife, but also a variety of plants, trees, buildings, enclosures and pavilions. Built this famous zoo was in 1908, and originally it was called the Garden of ten thousand animals.

In 1955, the zoo was given its official name is the Beijing zoo. It should be noted that every year this zoo is expanding, and visitors can see more exotic animals. At the moment, this zoo has about seven thousand animals.

Beijing aquarium is one of the largest such facilities in the world. The area of its buildings is of 42 thousand square meters. The total area of the Oceanarium is 120 thousand square meters. In the aquarium are thousands of different sea creatures and other animals.

Main sights:

The tropical forest . Winding trails, falling waterfalls, winding Brooks, the mystic statues and chirping birds always give visitors the image of the Amazonian jungle, full of secrets and mysteries. Between the crevices of rocks and forests, there are 22 different aquarium shapes and sizes. Gorgeous tropical landscape make you long to linger and scrutinize artificially created conditions of the South American rainforest. Among the most interesting marine life presented in the Beijing aquarium, can be called multi-colored magic fish, glass catfish, African Prince, Japanese carp, the arapayma, blue sharks, Golden Brahm, monkfish, herring, pike, Bryzgunov, angelfish, piranha, sea striped bass.

A pond where you can touch sea creatures In one of the sectors of the Oceanarium created the seaside in miniature. Shore length of 48 meters covers silver sand. Here you can see and even touch different species of molluscs and crustaceans. In this pond has a system of artificial waves. Children can enter the water and play with a giant sea turtle. The main types of marine animals: Sea urchin, sea anemones, sea stars, hermit cancer, Chinese horseshoe crab.

Underwater loop: Giant loop underwater is an underwater tour that begins in the South China sea. Next you will visit in the Eastern Pacific ocean, Indian ocean, Red sea, Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. The transparent loop with 32 giant aquarium opens for visitors the mysteries of the ocean. In these tanks: Fish – butterfly. Paracanthurus hepatus, sea anemones, sea horse, coral, groupers, stone fish, Acanthurus, clownfish and many others.

Shark pier: the largest aquarium, is made of plastic, you can see the ocean and sharks, show you their scary teeth. In this shark zone be prepared for the fact that you can catch your breath. You will leave this aquarium full of impressions. Main attractions: White sharks, tiger sharks, great white sharks. For the brave provides activities such as snorkeling, shark feeding and even dancing sharks.

Hall Chinese sturgeon Chinese sturgeon fish in the world – it’s about the same as Panda in the world of animals. This endemic species inhabits the Yangtze river and is under state protection. Of all 27 species of sturgeon Chinese sturgeon is the rarest and most valuable form. Through the plastic walls of the aquarium you can see many details of the life of this river inhabitant. You may even be able to catch the beginnings of a new life. Offer brochures you can learn a lot about this amazing species. Some of the activities available to the public here there is: underwater aquarium employee hand-feed the big fish. Main sights: the Sturgeons and sturgeon feeding under water.

Gulf dolphins and whales: here you can see the most intelligent inhabitants of the ocean. It’s amazing how clearly visible the friendly relations that are established between dolphins and their trainers the staff of the aquarium. This friendship is sealed with the daily feeding and other activities. Visitors also have the opportunity to interact with these amazing animals. The dolphins coaches will tell you interesting stories from the life of dolphins and orcas. Main sights: Dolphins, whales, killer whales.

The oceanic theater: the romantic theatre in the oceanic Hawaiian style able to accommodate 3 thousand visitors. This place is very popular among all visitors of the aquarium. Almost every fragment of the view, involving sea animals, delights the audience. Spectators often stand and escorted performers a standing ovation. Main attractions: People-rocket, sea lions, dolphins playing balls, etc.

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