Atlantic ocean and its waters

In ancient times, 65 million years ago (the end of the age of dinosaurs), on the border between the Cretaceous and Paleogene periods, lapped the ancient Tethys ocean . which, in geologically near future had to disappear and leave behind the Mediterranean . The black and Caspian seas and the Persian Gulf. The first two are further connected by the Atlantic ocean, the latest from the Indian.

Page sections about geologic processes in the Atlantic ocean and the seas of the Atlantic .

Sea Atlantic area

Archipelagos and underwater ridges of the Atlantic

The formation of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean sea (5 million years BP)

The Strait of Gibraltar that separates Morocco from Spain, is only 15 km width. Perhaps the flooding of the plains by the ocean between Africa and Europe and is reflected in the ancient Greek myth of Debelyanovo the flood that supposedly happened in “ancient Greece”*, namely in the district of Dodon and of the river of Aheloy [I think it was near the Caucasus, and then we can talk about the Black sea]. There is another myth, that the rocks of Gibraltar and Ceuta opened Hercules.

The breakthrough of the Ocean through the Gibraltar – perhaps the work of man.

Kondratov A. Atlantis Tethys sea. Exposure.

Leonardo da Vinci on the levels and currents of the seas.

Legendary Atlantis discovered in the area of Cyprus. Radio”Echo Of Moscow”

The mysterious lake is located at the bottom of the sea. 5-6 million years ago, the water in the Mediterranean at the time completely evaporated, and at the bottom he could stay salty ponds, which still exist (in which the salt concentration is 10 times higher than the sea, and on the shores raspolojeny salt rocks). This salt lake and discovered 100 km South-West of Crete at a depth of 3 km.

Discovered the secret of occurrence of the Mediterranean sea in the flood. Terrible flood 5 million years ago led to the formation of the Mediterranean sea.

The formation of the North sea and the English channel (the British office 200 KYR)

The formation of the Baltic sea and Danish Straits (10 KYR)

About 9-11 thousand years ago the level of the Baltic sea close to Sweden was 20 meters lower than today.

The education of Black and adjacent seas and Straits (7,5 KYR)

The origin of the Marmara, Black, Azov seas and Straits of the Dardanelles, Bosporus, Kerch

About 8000 years ago the Black sea was a freshwater lake . A Grand melting of glaciers has led to a significant increase in the level of the World ocean, the formation of the English channel and Strait beringovuy . moistening the climate of those places, but not touching Asia Minor and the black sea, which led to a significant reduction in the lake due to the dry.

In the end the lake was at 150m below sea level. Perhaps due to the earthquakes and the overcrowding of the Gulf of the Bosphorus is quite a thin jumper, which separated it from the lake ( the Black sea ), was broken, and the waters of the Mediterranean flooded the legendary Flood!

The Columbia University geologists Ryan and Pitman suggest that the Black sea was previously freshwater lake. About 7500 years ago [sometimes referred to as a figure of 7150] due to the rapid climate change causing the melting of glaciers on the land, the Mediterranean sea began daily to rise by 15 centimeters. When he reached the critical point of water, sweeping away everything in its path, rushed into the lake, which today we call the Black sea.

About 2 years freshwater lake is annually replenished by sea water, which was travelling at 1 km per day [others – 1.5 km]. About a year [?] there was an incredible roar of water falling from a height of 120 meters with a power of 200 Niagara falls [in other publications, called the figures 400 and even 10000!]. Water, risen by 155 meters, was flooded with 60 million square miles of land (most part of the North-West coast). Next to the Black formed a new, the sea of Azov.

As suggested by Ryan and Pitman, this process and formed the basis for the biblical legend of the deluge and Noah’s ark .

The Flood became a blessing for mankind. After the melting of glaciers 11,000 years ago in Canada formed a huge lake, which then flowed into the Atlantic, raising the water level by 1.4 m. Occurred obshirnye flooding of coastal land, lakes formed Black sea peoples (about 145,000 people) have already mastered the conducting the farm and gonane craft, during the mass migration, spread of cultural achievements in other lands.

Robert Ballard and the flood.

Atlantis is at the bottom of the Black sea. If Plato refers to some ancient story, it may refer to that period when the Greeks nothing about Gibraltar didn’t know, and Gerkulesovy pillars called the Dardanelles . which separates the Aegean sea from the Marmara – then Atlantis was located in the Black sea area

The black sea was a once fertile ground.

Expedition Of Robert Ballard

Floods in the myths of peoples Egeida, Caucasus and black sea region

Deucalion of the flood. The Parian chronicler, compiled his chronological table in 265 BC, believed that the flood in the Deucalion happened over 1265 years before the time of compiling the table. By this calculation, the flood occurred in 1530 BC. Parian chronicle (Chronicum Parium or Mannor) is a marble plaque, found in 1627 the island Paros, provides a brief description of the political and literary history of the Greeks; is now in the University of Oxford.

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