Aquarium fish living in the upper layers of wate

Aquarium fish — ornamental fish. which are contained in the aquariums. Aquarium fish originate from China. The Chinese began to breed aquarium fish since 2000 BC.

The content

The family of aquarium fish

To aquarium fish are fish of the following families:

Dwelling in natural conditions

The majority of aquarium fish in natural conditions live in tropical and subtropical freshwater reservoirs, so when artificial content of some of the fish needed the sea water, relatively high water temperature is roughly equivalent to room temperature of the aquarium.

The aquarium and aquarium equipment

The preferred fish for an aquarium is rectangular in shape, round is valid if the volume of the aquarium is 200 L. the Form is important to adequately represent the fish about space. The content of fish in the aquarium-the glass often leads to death, not because of lack of water and due to nervous disease, caused by the shape of the aquarium [ citation 787 days ] .

For each fish needs about 2 liters of water per 1 cm body length. The most unpretentious guppies are one fish you need 3-5 liters of water. [ source not specified 768 days ]

The aquarium should be equipped with either fluorescent or led lamp, which heats the water.

You must install the filter (vnutrennii external), compressor for air supply (if in the aquarium, many fish or no plants) and the thermostat (maintains constant water temperature in the tank).

The microclimate in the aquarium

Temperature range of ornamental fish is very wide. It depends on the species of fish. The most comfortable temperature is between + 22 °C to + 28 °C, and it is important that the water temperature is not sharply changed. In cooler weather, you should install the heater at the desired temperature, hot — to follow closely the readings of the thermometer and, if necessary, to replace part of the water from the aquarium a new, more cool. In certain cases of gravy required every 4 hours.

Other indicators of microclimate aquarium: gH to 26 °, the pH in the range of 6.5 — 8.5, optimum figure 7. [ source not specified 768 days ]

To monitor temperature using a thermometer. for water quality control — customary that can be in the form of strips or drip. You can also test the water for hardness, acidity, impurities in special laboratories, operating on a commercial basis.

In the aquarium should be illuminated: the light stimulates the movement of fish attracts their attention to the stern on the water surface, allows the fish to track the movement of feed and “hunt” for it. Lighting is required for aquarium plants: growth and photosynthesis.

Maintaining cleanliness

It is very important that the water in the aquarium was always clean. There are special aquarium filters. If the aquarium filter to change the water as necessary, usually 2 times a week. The walls of the aquarium wipe off with a damp sponge, removing plaque, without the use of detergents. A third of the water in the tank should stay the same, 2/3 filled with fresh water. Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene fish can get sick with various diseases, including fungal.

When sunlight on the aquarium, changing water 4-5 times a week, as water will zaplesneveyut. The aquarium can be filled with tap or spring water. Tap water with chlorine content defend from 3 to 4 hours to chlorine evaporated. And boiled river water cannot be used.

Adaptation aquarium fish

When you place the fish in the aquarium, do the following: 1)Get a container (capacity — not the aquarium), the pouring of the water, in which there were fish, place the fish. 2)After that pour into this the capacity of the aquarium water (50 % of the total weight of water). 3)After 25-30 minutes the fish can be placed in the aquarium. This is to ensure that the transition from the temperature of the aquarium water to water temperature, which was fish was not sharp, otherwise the fish can get a shock and die. Fish should be placed in the aquarium very carefully, otherwise they may hurt the fins.

Hybridization of aquarium fish

Scientists for many years hybridizers aquarium fish, and as a result identified breed aquarium fish.


In infectious diseases of fish you need to handle the aquarium specialized drugs to raise the water temperature by 3-4 degrees above comfortable, more often to change the aquarium water. [1]


To feed the fish need 1-2 times a day. When overfed fish, can begin a variety of diseases, including obesity.

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