Aerator for pond

In recent years it has become fashionable to arrange on individual plots of various artificial reservoirs. However, few people initially is that they require fairly little maintenance. Incorrect maintenance of the pond in it there are various putrefactive processes, the dominance of algae, which causes sotsvetiye water, elevated sediment (siltation).

One of the most effective and easiest ways to prevent all these problems is the forced saturation of water with oxygen. For these purposes are used aerators for ponds. These hydraulic mechanisms are also called air compressors.

Their role cannot be overestimated, especially in winter, when the ice cap prevents both the flow of air into the water, and the removal of waste products of microorganisms and plants. But if the pond has fish, aerator for it just need. In summer, the decay of the reservoir also has a negative impact on the balance of the whole area. In addition, various unpleasant odors coming from the water, hardly conducive to proper rest on the nature.

Types of aerators for the pond

The oxygen saturation is in the process of suction air, which is uniformly mixed with the liquid and dissolves in it. They are distinguished by low productivity with significant energy consumption. Home “plus” work practices.consumer.


Such models of aerators for ponds are the most common. For sale is a large number of products that differ in performance. The working principle is based on spraying water over the pond (like a fountain). Falling down, it is saturated with oxygen. Advantages are the cost effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, the ionization of air within a certain radius of a body of water. But a significant disadvantage – too noisy work.

Aerators of this type are relatively new structural development. As the name suggests, where it is installed. Due to this arrangement the product is not only quality of supplying water with oxygen, but also mixes its layers, aligning the temperature throughout the thickness of the pond. This prevents the processes of decay organisms and reduces the likelihood of ice on the pond’s surface. But the minus is still there – the relatively high cost of the product.

Also they are divided into floating and coastal models.

Video instructions – how to make compressor for pond with his hands

What to consider when selecting an aerator for the pond

1. The power of the product . It depends on the volume in the pond water. It is very important to choose the best option, otherwise avoid problems such as oversaturation or nedosushennye it with oxygen.

2. The climate in the region . Different models of aerators for ponds are designed for your temperature range.

3. How it works. It is clear that home “generator noise” nearby, pleasure does not deliver. Not only the owners but also the inhabitants of the lake.

4. The possibility of transition from mode to mode . It is clear that the intensity of saturation of water with an aerator in the summer and winter periods is not the same.

5. The reputation of the Manufacturer and quality certificate for the product. Experts believe the best models of aerators for ponds DM.

The cost of the aerators to the pond is medium in size starts from 41 000/PCs Price for more powerful products starts from 120 000 and more. Individual plots sufficient for vehicles with power ranging from 100 W to 0.1 kW. Enrich the water in a small pond is sufficient. Such models can be purchased at the price from 3 400 to 9 800 rubles.

Given the simplicity of the design of these devices, if desired, and some skills you can make an aerator for the pond with his own hands.

The arrangement of the equipment for pond

This variant of the bottom aerator for the pond. Experts recommend the unit be installed in the room, and into the pond to add air spray. The pump you can pick up at any store specializing in equipment for garden/vegetable garden.

Any artificial pond is a water source (pipe). It is necessary to position the sprayer so that it was below the level of the liquid, but from the bottom – not less than 15 cm.

Pretty effective variant of the aerator for the pond. The only difficulty is that quality waterproofing of all electrical equipment (if it is placed directly into the pond). All power cables are connected to the terminal box which it is desired to close the rubber cover (gasket).

When installed next to the pond is necessary in determining the power to make a “correction” in the distance. The pump is necessary to drive the fluid back and forth, thus its performance should increase.

How to choose a spray

If provision is made for a home in the pond of a plurality of decorative aquatic plants, it is desirable that the sprayer (diffuser) aerator for a body of water with their hands had the form of a geyser, bells and the like. It is mounted or submerged pipe end or hose by adding a sinker.

There is another option. Enough to take, for example, plastic pipe and drill a few holes, keeping the same distance, and the end – to drown.

Aerators for ponds it is advisable to operate throughout the year. Regardless of the period, they participate in maintaining a biological balance, efficiently saturate and mix the water, ridding it of accumulated harmful gases.

When choosing a model should take the product with some margin of power. Then undersaturation will occur. Excessive and performance can be reduced in several ways. For example, to supply power via the rheostat.

The aerator it is advisable to have out of the reservoir, and in the water to keep only the diffuser. It is much more convenient from the point of view of the maintenance and repair of the product.

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