A collection of fish recipes in a slow cooker

Fish lovers and fish dishes will appreciate the ability of a slow cooker is ideal to cook it in a variety of ways. No matter you want a fish stew, steamed, boiled, or roasted, this equipment will become your reliable assistant. Pieces in any case will remain intact and will not burn, no matter what heat treatment it did not pass.

Those who prefer diet food, will appreciate the simplicity of cooking for a couple. You’ll spend just a few minutes and save with taste and nutritional quality of the product, which is very important for anyone who cares about their health. In multivarok there is a special mode designed for the cooking of products on pair.

On our website you will find many fish recipes from steamed to fried. All recipes are accompanied by photos. The preparation of these dishes does not require much time, and with the slow cooker it can be done even faster. You only need to put fish pieces or fish fillets in a bowl, add if necessary, there other ingredients and turn on the device. You don’t have to stand near the stove so the fish is not burnt, and you will not break up the pieces while turning.

Principles of fish cooking
Most modern equipment has a special program for the implementation of certain processes. But in some models may be missing some mode, e.g. mode suppression. In this case, cook a stew, using the mode of the soup. Cooking must be slow, because fish is a very delicate product.

The pieces of fish spread on the bottom of the slow cooker, add spices to taste. Put the grated vegetables such as carrots and onions, pour water and stew for hours. The fish is cooked you will know by the sound. The ingredients can be quite different, they depend on the recipes.

Cooking fish on a couple of occurs as follows. In bowl pour water and set on top of a special plate. On a plate lay out the pieces of fish and include a steamer. The water boils and start cooking. Another significant advantage of the slow cooker is able to cook two meals. For example, where water boils clean, can cook the garnish, and top will be preparing meals for a couple. In this case, the juice from the top will drip on the side and soak it.

The combination of fish with other products
Fish dishes can be quite different. They differ in taste, amount of ingredients and price. A slave itself can be lean and fatty, sea or river etc. and it depends on what you can cook and serve to the table. Our site presents a lot of recipes for fish: boiled, stewed or baked. In recipes walks you through the way of cooking, exhibited a demonstration photo processes. This is very important when cooking meals is a difficult process, for example, fish baked with vegetables. In such cases, the recipes with photos will help to avoid pun in the cooking process.

The combination of products important not to overdo it. On this occasion there are such recommendations:

fish combine well the cheese, eggs, vegetables;

for baking, use orange juice, for frying – lemon;

limit your fluid intake while eating protein foods;

fish products are rich in protein and can cause allergies.

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