10 most expensive aquarium fishк

It is believed that aquarium fish inexpensive and undemanding in care. This is not so. Some species of aquarium fish available to only wealthy people, because their cost is sometimes more than one hundred thousand dollars. Such a high price due to the rarity of the species, unusual color or complexity of breeding. In today’s article we will talk about the most expensive aquarium fish.

One of the oldest fish, which are also called fish-dragon. In the wild arowana lives in Africa, South-East Asia and South America. In length it grows up to 80 centimeters in length. Today this fish is the most expensive, as the cost of rare instances reaches 400 thousand dollars. The average cost of fish is 5 thousand dollars. The fish is unique in that it is happy to eat food from the hands of the owner.

Platinum arowana

Flawless arowana luxury platinum tone belongs to Singaporean Aro Dynasty. The uniqueness of fish lies in an extraordinarily beautiful color that was obtained by mutation. Platinum arowana painted white with rare platinum shade without a single speck on the scale. This fish is precious, so it’s not for sale at any price.

About 2 thousand years in Asia is actively breeding common domestic carp. All carp are different in colour and body size. The cost of such carp ranges from a hundred dollars to a few thousand. However, there are rare instances that are bred only in Japan. These carp live up to 100 years, grow to 50 cm and cost about 200 thousand dollars.

Stingray motor

Stingray is difficult to call an ordinary aquarium fish. Recently varieties of freshwater stingrays increasingly found a home among the lovers of fish. The most popular type of rays – the ray motor, the cost of which does not exceed $ 500. But if we are talking about exclusive rays, the cost can reach 50 thousand dollars. Incredibly beautiful and popular pearl Stingray, but due to high prices few can afford. High price due to the difficult breeding fish in captivity and in the wild fishing is prohibited.

Sea mint angel

Angel fish is considered one of the most wonderful and beautiful aquarium fish. All species of marine angels is very unusual, however, there are exclusive kinds. For example, the angel mint, the price of which is 30 thousand dollars. Only in captivity, there are two fish that it is very hard to catch and provide them with all necessary conditions for living.

Biodefense basket

Amazing fish from the grouper family. Lives in deep waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, so it is extremely difficult to catch. Despite the fact that groupers are predators and they grow to several meters in length, among them there are also smaller species. So, biodefense basslet in length grows to only 15 centimetres. If basket would not be so rare, he would perfectly decorate any aquarium. Individuals price – 10 thousand dollars.

Golden basslet

The smallest member of the grouper family. Like the previous basket, inhabits the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Neat and bright fish, preferring to hide among large rocks. To get this little beauty, you must have very expensive equipment, so today the cost of basket reaches 8 thousand dollars.


The largest freshwater fish on the planet. The average body length arapaima is 2 meters, but some individuals grow to 6 meters. Often arapaima buy for aquariums, because fish is a real prehistoric predator jumps out of water to catch their prey. Few can afford such a monster, but on the Internet sometimes offer to sell arapaima. Specimen with a body length of 1.5-2 meters is more than 60 thousand rubles.

Tetradon MBU

African fish of the genus of tetragonal is the largest representative of his family. In the aquarium the fish reaches 40 centimeters, and when she was in danger, it inflates and becomes round. The adult is quite aggressive, therefore is able even to bite its master. Often buries itself in the sand, and remain on a surface only eyes. The price is about 50 thousand rubles.

Tiger com merodontotus

In the world there is only one place where the fish – waterfall Teotónio in Brazil. Keep a goldfish in the aquarium is very prestigious, because it can afford only very wealthy people. Catch a fish is very difficult, and exports from the country and banned altogether. Extraordinarily beautiful and bright stripes on the fish scales look exotic and original. The length of an adult catfish can reach 70 centimeters. For keeping catfish in the home will need a spacious aquarium with a strong water current. Cost soma in Russia is about 50 thousand rubles.

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